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Welcome to High School Technology Services "Educated Students Today; Educated Society Tomorrow"™™

Our future lies in the hands of students and teenagers. Educating a teenager is equivalent to educating a family and that in turn is equivalent to educating the whole society. Knowledgeable and educated teenagers are the foundations of a strong and progressive society. There are those who are blessed with the opportunity to acquire quality education and access to state-of-the-art technologies to further their career and life. There are those who do not have that luxury. What they do have is a burning desire to succeed. These resilient and strong minds need equally strong support and back up to realize their dreams. High School Technology Services (HSTS) is an attempt at giving these remarkable teenagers, their parents and the schools that support them a helping hand in realizing their goals.

HSTS, a non-profit website and mobile App, is a part of the WEG2G group that strives to provide the highest quality Information Technology services to underprivileged high schools and children through contributions and donations from a variety of sources. From creating websites to building computer labs, from offering counseling sessions to designing preparation programs, we aim to provide an assortment of services to support the dreams of these teenagers, their parents and the schools.

HSTS Service Highlights

Our services are designed to satisfy the IT and educational needs of schools, students and parents.

Student-focused services

Realizing and living their dream is no longer a utopian affair for students. Our myriad services are built to provide ample opportunities to students to follow their passions. Our computer labs and computer literacy programs are designed to offer maximum access to students to latest technological advancements in hardware and software. Students also get to benefit from the knowledge sharing forum created to raise and solve problems related Information Technology. We also strive to provide college counseling and preparation programs to enhance their talents and improve their knowledge and focus on a variety of subjects and topics. From post graduation guidance to test preparations for SATs and ACTs, enough materials, guidance and tips are provided to succeed in their examinations.

School-focused services

High schools with the desire to provide their students with the best environment need not fret as we offer a wide range of support to help improve facilities. Enhanced websites to post updates, forms and important messages and upgraded computer labs with requisite hardware and software and the necessary training to staff and students to effectively utilize them will be provided by HSTS. These advanced technologies help streamline assignment, homework, test and examination related processes and also reduces operating costs by ensuring paperless communication. Online forums also serve to improve student-teacher and teacher-parent relationships.

Parents-focused services

Parents of students stand to gain from this initiative too! Through our Parent portal, they get to keep tabs on their teenagers’ performance in school by way of direct parent-teacher interactions together with access to grades and assignment reports. We realize the importance of a solid educational foundation for every child. While we remain committed to our endeavors, we call out to like-minded hearts to help these teenagers realize their dreams.

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