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Best Spots In Public Places For Hookup

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Best Places for Public Hookup

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-03-12

If you are experimenting, you may as well take it to the next level. Try these spots for public hookups!

Just the other day, I was catching up with an old friend when I had an epiphany regarding sexual relationships. She was telling me all about her several “months of experimentation”, as she called it. These months she’d spent solely following her gut when it came to sexual opportunity. She’d allowed herself to be spontaneous and to give in to lust. Aware there was nothing more involved, she was content to let it lead her decision-making.

She said something which stuck, “I don’t mind that all I want right now is sex. I think there is such a stigma around girls wanting sex. They’re labelled sluts - or warned they’ll get overly attached (simply give it enough times). But just like guys, girls want sex too. And sometimes, that’s all they want. No relationship. Just a bit of fun. I’m letting myself do that. And I’m not letting anyone make me feel bad about it.”

I left feeling reasonably enlightened by her approach. I’m in a relationship (and a happy one) so admittedly I wasn’t about to sleep with the next ten attractive guys I saw. But I definitely had a new attitude to the concept of girls “sleeping around”. If they’re content with themselves and others (i.e. there’s no revenge or insecurity involved), there shouldn’t be a problem with a girl wanting sex and sex solely. So long as both individuals have a mutual desire, to simply hook up really isn't all that bad.

Then, I got thinking. If I did just want a hookup, I’d probably want to skip a lot of the bullshit, right? I wouldn’t be too interested in getting to know him nor his long-term and short-term goals. The conditions of the situation would be simple. The questions I’d ask myself before proceeding: minimal. Are you attracted to this guy? Are you simply looking for a good time right now?

Okay, go girl.

Wait.. go where? This is the question which would stump me. Do I go back to his place? What if I feel uncomfortable? What if I can’t leave when I want to? What if I’m time bound? What if he doesn’t have food for after? I’m always hungry after. That’s it. I’m not going to his, I’d think. But do I want a stranger in my lovely and sacred bed instead? Again, I’d respond to myself with no.

So what remains? Surely I couldn’t hook up with someone in public… right?

For I may not have myself the opportunity for a while, I’m about to live vicariously through all of you. I’ve done some research to figure out the plausibility of carrying out a public hook-up. I’ve found you the best spots and essentially, provided a solution to your every excuse against living for yourself in a sexual manner.

Firstly, begin with a classic: the movie theatre. Choose your row carefully. While you may desire to get it on, not everyone wants to see it. A lot of people genuinely want to watch the movie. Respect that. However, also respect that it’s a super sexy spot and make the most of it. It’s risky. It’s dark. It’s fun. Relive your high-school days, or late bloomers, enjoy a new cinema experience!

Take it outside. Go camping and get frisky in a tent! For a public location, it’s a bit more private. Most significantly though, it’s a bit of a laugh! It’s something to tick off the bucket list. Just keep in mind there’s only a small space so don’t go too wild. You might have to set up the tent again.

On a balcony or a roof is always fun. It’s both sheltered enough to be exciting and exposed enough to be safe. One is able to bask in the evening air and the even more chilling chance that someone might see you!

This one’s obvious yet ought not to be forgotten: your car. Everyone knows how sexy it is to watch someone drive. Make it even steamier by pulling the car over. Some recommend doing it in the hood? But if you don’t know the guy too well, I’d say stick to the seats! It could be less embarrassing and awkward for you both.

If you do want to bring a guy back to your house or head to his, keep it exciting and do it on the kitchen counter or even the washing machine! Given both locations are communal, hooking up here is so totally wrong. And for the same exact reason, so unbelievably right!

If you know your sexual partner, try pushing for a hook-up at their workplace. Some won’t be into it (granted they may not want to lose their jobs), however, others will be willing to take the risk simply on the basis of how hot it is! Of course, if you’ve chosen to bring someone to your workplace, make sure your co-workers aren’t too close by. You wouldn’t want them to walk in on you!

If you’re too worried about getting interrupted in your office, try somewhere at work where you literally can’t be interrupted. Yes, I’m talking about the elevator. You’re going to have to be quick, but in a situation this saucy, it shouldn’t be hard. Grab the guy or girl you’ve been eyeing (trusting the looks have been reciprocal) and get busy!

Let yourself experiment and don’t be afraid to have fun! Don’t let another’s judgement stop you from doing so. Respect their eyes, however, and do it where they can’t see! Perhaps in the library? Perhaps in the car-park? The world is your oyster. Don’t hesitate to take it where you want it.

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