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Top Apps For Professionals And Students In The Field Of Psychology

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Top Ten Psychology Apps for Students & Alumni

By Jordan Hicks on 2016-11-05

Here are a survey of top ten psychology Apps that you need to know.

Psychologists spend years in education, training, and collecting experience in order to become the licensed professionals. In a field ever evolving and updating, its important to stay up to date on the most current research. However, if you’re a psychologist yourself, then you know how time consuming just trying to keep up to date can be. Time in and of itself, the amount it takes to research the symptoms and develop a diagnosis, much less the amount it takes to research the appropriate current treatments for those diagnosis can become a massive barrier in the timely treatment of patients. Fortunately, technology is at your aid; the proliferation of smart technology and apps specifically developed to assist with the psychological treatment process have come together to save you time, which just might save a life. The follow guide outlines 10 of the best apps on the market for psychology professionals, psychology students, or if you just plain have an interest in the psychology field.

(1) Psychology

Perhaps you’ve been in the practice for years, or maybe you’re new to the field, either way, it helps to have a reference guide on hand in case you need a refresher. The Psychology app provides a quick reference guide for the basic topics of “Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Humanistic Psychology, and Psychobiology.” If you should so opt for it, the paid version of the app also includes Transpersonal Psychology and a reference dictionary of important psychologists. (Free)

(2) Psychology Today

Students and psychology professionals will appreciate this app’s ever-changing database of fresh articles and up-to-date information. Psychology Today offers a convenient way to stay informed on news, articles, and commentary pertaining to psychological topics, as well as a quick reference guide. Reviewers describe the app as relevant, full of useful information, and “a great way to pass the time.”

(3) Psychology LCD

Psychology LCD is a comprehensive, all-in-one resource that grants you individualized access to psychological and psychiatric information. Create your own custom feed pulling all the articles and news from your favorite psychology sources into one spot. Clean design and simple interface deliver your individualized interest and focus right into the palm of your hand.

(4) 3D Brain

Should you find yourself in need of knowing how the brain regions interact and combine to influence actions and behavior, this app will be right at your side. 3D Brain does as it describes, providing an interactive view into the components of the brain via 29 individualized brain structures. You will also find case studies, information on disorders, and recent research. (Free)

(5) APA Journals

If you prefer to go straight to the source, this app connects you directly to academic articles from the American Psychological Association Journals. It will allow you to search a wide variety of journals, access abstracts for all journals, and find sources for the full articles. (Free)

(6) PsychExplorer

Another app for keeping up to date on the latest new and psychology events, this app has news articles, video, and audio on what’s new. With hundreds of articles published each month and added to the app, as well as blogs posting reviews of the newest research, this app is great for keeping professionals and students on hot tip of field. ($1.99)

(7) DMS 5 Diagnostic Criteria Mobile App

This app is designed to help researchers and students integrate DSM-V diagnostic criteria and codes into their daily practice. In addition, paid users can access all the criteria collections offline, as well as access online videos, commentary, and resources.

(8) iCounselor Series

This is not one app but rather a series of apps, each developed to help individuals suffering from anxiety, anger, depression, OCD, or eating disorders. While these apps are by no means a substitute for regular meetings with a professional, they can offer helpful tips to the client or their loved ones on how to develop skills and make use of tools available in order to relieve their minds and ease their lives. ($0.99)

(9) iCouch CBT

This app is a companion to the iCough digital therapy service. CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, the process by which this app helps you solve problems by training you to analyze your past, in order to make more effective choices in the future.

(10) Psych Drugs and Medications: Prescription Psychiatric Medication Pocket Guide in Psychiatry

Long name with one very simple purpose, this app allows professionals to gather information about medications and to discern any possible interactions between use of multiple medications.

Many apps are time wasters and when your work calls for so much of your time to begin with, the last thing you need is an app that is going to get in your way. To cut to the chase, these apps used in conjunction or on their own, should help the psychology professional (or student) to save time and energy, and allow for better care of patients.

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