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Why picking the right friend is important

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-01-19

How to choose the right friend, and why it is so important.

When we’re young, our expectations for friendship are minimal. Unions rely on the offering of about three things: a cool pencil, a chat with our crush or simply, a fun time. Our interactions are harmless. We play. Sometimes, we fight. But before long, we’re the best of friends again.

As we grow older, friendships become a lot more significant. For it can be easy to fall into dangerous ones, the task of choosing requires a lot more attention. We ought to consider first the kinds of people we desire to spend time with. Too, the kind we wish to be associated alongside.

The truth is, our friendships have a great impact on us. That our friends decide much of who we are is not a new concept. Indeed, it’s a very old and well-established one. When we are surrounded by certain people so often, it is out of our control that we will be affected by them, what they do and who they are. It is so crucial, then, that we choose individuals whom align their beliefs, morals and standards close to those for which we hold ourselves.

Picking the right friend is an important task from as early as our high school years. At such an impressionable age, it’s common we will watch others’ actions as a means for guiding our own. Choose to surround yourself with trouble-makers, and it is likely you too will get involved in the act of wrongdoing. Spend time with negative people, and you’ll soon adopt the same attitude. Befriend active and optimistic folk, however, and you too may find yourself considering their very cheery approach.

A friend should be a positive influence. They should add further sense of enjoyment to our lives, and encourage that we live it through our best possible selves. The right friend should respect our interests and boundaries. They should care about our feelings, and the way they directly impact them.

Indeed, it is not always easy to conclude whether a friend is a positive or negative influence. Sometimes, our peers will show glimmers of both. People are not perfect. We can only trust our gut as to whether they are worth the association. If we are not comfortable with the person we are becoming by virtue of this link, then, it’s probably not a favourable friendship.

Where this be the case, don’t be afraid to confront a peer. A friend may be oblivious of their effect. Before detaching yourself, give them a chance to change this. If, however, they are completely aware of the negative effect they’re having on you - and appear negligent to changing - this person is not really a friend at all.

Remember that it’s not a sin to remove draining individuals from your life. In fact, it’s so important to maintaining your own happiness and wellbeing. Don’t stick out a friendship purely for it’s what you know. Replace negative characters instead with those who lift you up. Sure, it may take some time. But if you’re a kind, considerate and open person, you’ll always make new friends.

Although we tend to learn the ropes of friendship in school, picking the right kind of friend is consequential throughout the rest of our lives. Developing a strong support network of friends can encourage us to achieve our goals. We’re likely to feel less alone on the journey - and if things don’t go as planned, we’ll have people to fall back on too.

Life is meant to be shared. However, life is meant to be enjoyed as well. Your friends should add to this enjoyment. Don’t forget that it’s up to you, and only you to ensure this is the case.

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