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How Men Can Avoid Early Ejaculation

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How To Avoid Early Ejaculation

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-03-28

Say good-bye to two-minute sessions with these tips and tricks.

Premature ejaculation is one of the largest limitations threatening a man’s successful sex life. The occurrence can leave men feeling disappointed in themselves and their own sexual capacity. With an inability to control oneself and to please their partner, many wind up feeling ashamed and insecure. Early ejaculation is not destined to be a one-off occurrence, either. In fact, 30% of all men will go through a period whereby premature ejaculation becomes a regularity.

What exactly is premature ejaculation? Ejaculation is labelled premature if it occurs between the first 30 seconds to 4 minutes during sexual intercourse. Depending on where you’re from or who you talk to, this time frame can be subject to differentiation. Nonetheless, anything below two minutes is considered universally premature. For many men, this can actually become a hindrance towards their engagement in sex.

There are few things a man can do to help solve the issue. Firstly, use thicker condoms. The wider the wall of the condom, the less sensitive the penis is to stimulation. The motions and movements of sexual intercourse will still be felt, however, to a slightly lesser extent. This will allow for him to delay reaching that pleasure state too soon. 

If motions between two partners are rapid and consistent, a man will be likely to ejaculate just as quickly. If both individuals start and stop - altering the speed and the direction of motions - this too will aid in a man’s ability to last. Experts recommend engaging in action for 30-60 seconds before resting momentarily. Each time you feel close, boys, make sure to slow down again.

Although they appear to be temporary solutions, the implementation of these sexual techniques has benefited 50% to 95% of men in the avoidance of premature ejaculation. It may take a few months before these practices become habitual or second-nature to you. Don’t ditch them half way. Continue in attempt to normalize their involvement. After all, no worthwhile results were ever instantaneous.

Another stamina-enhancing technique you may employ into your sexual life is known as the “squeeze”. If you feel you’re about to ejaculate, you should squeeze the penis at the point between the shaft and the glans. This will avoid early ejaculation— though watch, you may also lose your erection. Make sure the penis is quickly stimulated after to ensure it remains.

Other techniques rely on your mental capacity during sex. Yes, that means you may have to actually think during intercourse— but don’t worry, it’s going to save you in the end. While women are encouraged to picture fantasies during sex, men suffering from premature ejaculation should do the opposite. Take your mind away from your wildest dreams. Remind yourself of mundane things. That which is boring, irritating or distracting are your new favorite things.

Thinking of something else takes attention away from your penis and back into your head, aiding to slow down your orgasm. Combining both this mental technique with the act of squeezing and taking intervals between rapid sexual intercourse can be extremely effective.

Last but not least, taking a simple breathe before you feel you might ejaculate can help significantly with premature ejaculation. A deep breathe will relax all muscles, including the one doing all the work. In doing so, your orgasm will be delayed and you’ll find yourself much less stimulated (in a good way, of course). Again, don’t stress about losing all feeling — you won’t. It’ll simply grant you more control over when and how long you feel it for.

Keep in mind, men, that if you are experiencing premature ejaculation regularly, it may be a result of anxiety or stress. If this be the case, don’t rely on physical solutions; solve the central issue. Early ejaculation can also stem from physical causes, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. If you think you could be at risk of either, you should have yourself checked.

To younger boys, you can avoid adopting a lifelong tendency for premature ejaculation by masturbating wisely. It is detrimental for you to practice it with great aggression and speed. So if you do desire to masturbate, do so when you know you have time. Don’t rush yourself in fear of getting caught. It will only hinder your ability to slow down later.

Of all, don’t be embarrassed. Don’t feel incapable or insufficient. Many men struggle with holding off during sex, and that’s simply because there are so many pleasure spots along the penis. There’s no need to feel bad about it, especially when there are ways you can avoid the situation. Employ them, and in no time, sex should become an enjoyable activity rather than a 2-minute task.

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