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How to Sustain a Healthy Relationship

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-03

Relationships are difficult. Here are few practical tips on how to keep yours healthy and happy relationship going.

Before entering a serious relationship, you should know one thing: it’s destined to be difficult. Whether you consider yourself and/or your partner to be easy-going, issue or conflict will certainly arise somewhere. For humans are innately different, we shall never agree on everything each other says or does.

However, purely because we may argue or debate with our partner is not to say that our relationship isn’t healthy. In fact, argument is on most occasions pertinent to a good relationship. A genuine bond isn’t characterized by getting along with each-other 100% of the time.

There are ways, however, to make sure that your relationship is characterized by a healthy level of arguing - and solving and progressing - as well, of course, as a healthy level of fun and enjoyment.

The first tip is obvious: put in effort. Don’t expect issues to solve themselves. You must talk them out; share your feelings and be open. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, you need to try even harder. If your partner is a priority to you, and the maintenance of the relationship is equally, you need to put aside time to sort problems. Doing so will remind your partner that you care; that you want the issue to be resolved as well.

Realize when you are wrong, and make your realization known. Put aside your pride and admit it when you’ve made a mistake. We all make them. The important thing is that we take credit for those we do.

Avoid taking your individual fears, insecurities or concerns out on your partner. If you realize you’re doing so, again (and you’ll notice this trend appears often), apologize. It isn’t fair on your partner. Your partner will respect you for taking ownership of your wrongdoing. It’ll also solve the issue at a faster rate.

Respect each other’s differences. Just because you do, think, or behave in one way does not mean to say your partner does too. Your upbringing and past experiences will not always co-inside nor will your personalities. There are going to be facets of life where you do not see eye to eye.

Don’t try to change your partner on recognition of the fact. Befriend the concept of compromise instead. Appreciate their alternate outlook. At appropriate times, take from it. If this isn’t feasible, don’t be afraid to discuss your disagreement. It may help you see things from their point of view.

Don’t forget to make your partner feel special. Relationships are intended as positive influences on our lives - this is why we participate after all. So remind your partner why they’re with you every day if you can. Be kind, be thoughtful and show them how much you care. Even the smallest of actions or compliments can mean great amounts. Share your love: by words and by nature.

Look after more than just your partner; look after the relationship. Keep things interesting. Go for romantic evenings out. Don’t stop doing the things you used to do - before you had kids, before you had commitments. Be spontaneous. Excite the other individual. Try new things and keep endeavoring to surprise them. Make each day a new one, and do it together.

Contrastingly, source happiness from other areas of your life aside from your relationship. We should never assert the pressure of our well-being on a single individual. We must find in ourselves a space of contentment, and remember that dissatisfaction with others is often only a reflection of such with ourselves. While there is no harm in letting someone else make us happy, the equator of our happiness should not balance upon this individual - no matter how special their influence.

Last but not least, for a healthy relationship, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you and your partner appear to be at ends - both unwilling to be wrong or to back down - bring in an outsider to evaluate the situation. It’s okay to want to work on something valuable… to want to hold onto such. When it comes to something you love, it is only commendable to keep trying.

Love is a wonderful thing. Indeed, it is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s no wonder it is so sought after. Nonetheless, nothing great ever did come easy. Love is no different. It requires work, and like most things, what you put in is what you get out. So put in your all. One day, you’ll look across at your spouse, wrinkly and grey, and you’ll thank yourself you did.

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