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Ten Online Jobs that Pay Well and need no job experience

By Meera Toraskar on 2016-11-02

Looking for jobs that pay well with no work experience requirements?. Like to work at home without going to the office every day? Take a look at our online job list.

1. Paid Survey Volunteer
Who knew you could be paid to take surveys? Researchers have a tough time finding willing volunteers who will give up their time to take an online survey., and pay their users to take surveys. Some of these surveys can be boring and long, so the extra bucks are for your boredom.

2. Product Reviewer or Affiliate Blogger
Get paid to review a company's products, and get free products (depending on the company). In particular, makeup and skin care companies will pay you good money to review their products. Also, new brands need affiliate bloggers to establish a presence in the makeup and skin care market. If you end up liking it, you could become a professional video blogger (vlogger) on YouTube.

3. Content Writer
Magazines and marketing firms are looking for writers to embellish their websites. Each website will have its own unique target audience, so if you are freelancing you will be writing on a variety of topics. You will need to write buzzwords that will keep users on the website, which can be difficult if you do not have much knowledge on the website audience. Make sure you do your research before jumping into doing content writing for a website.

4. Interview
Transcriber, Researchers and newspapers need people to transcribe their interviews. The publishing and research industry hires many freelancers every year since hiring people full time is expensive. and are websites where you can look for transcribing work, and all you will need is a good pair of earphones.

5. Data Entry Worker
Many corporations need data entry workers to enter important information on paper documents into their computer systems or databases. Try Craigslist and Google for data entry jobs, but beware of the scams.

6. Document Translator
International embassies and corporations need document translators to translate important documents so that everyone working can understand it in their language. Live translators are also needed in Skype calls and meetings. Who knows you might even meet some very important people!

7. Call Center Employee
There was a time when customers would call companies to complain or order their product. Now call centers are used instead, and you can be hired to be a call center employee from home. Companies will send you a script and answers for frequently asked questions. Websites like and will let you enroll to become a call center agent.

8. Social Media Market Consultant
Are you fluent in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat? People who are expert in all types of social media are valuable nowadays. Companies are asking you to boost their brand awareness, raise their profitability and encourage people to visit their website through the use of your social media.

9. Online Teacher
Students around the world are looking for teachers to educate them, especially in language topics. English is the easiest topic to teach if you are a Native speaker, and second language students will run after you if they know you are a Native speaker. Most online teachers work on contract basis, and are paid by course. If you advertise on websites like Craigslist, you do not need much certification as a teacher. Coursera is a good website to take courses and also look for work, although you will need more certifications to teach for Coursera courses.

10. Virtual Assistant
People who can easily juggle their family and social calendars, will be able to do the job of a virtual assistant. Busy company executives would love you for your administrative skills. You will need to have good time management and organization skills, being able to put events in your client's schedule.

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