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What Are The Meanings Of Dreams

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What is the meaning behind night dreams

By Sulakshana Viswanathan on 2017-01-31

Dreams are stars in the sky. When you see a shooting star, you wish upon a sky. You would say I want to be become a Doctor, I want to score 100 in Maths, I want to become rich etc. They reflect your desires. My article defines you what is the meaning of dreams.

are you dreamingdiscover night dreams

What is the meaning behind night dreams?
Night dreams are dreams that we see in the night when we are asleep.  There are three types of Night dreams:
- First we see when we are totally unconscious and dream about some unrelated things
-  second we see when we are semi conscious and do lucid dreaming
- and third is we are semi conscious having bad dreams called nightmares.

Sweet Dreams
Dreams are positive vibrations of the mind. A dream takes you to a new world where pleasure is derived by living an imaginary life and forgetting your pains.
Let’s imagine a virtual image of a person. A person would want to do many things in this dream world, which he cannot do in the reality world. Let’s say he loves a Limo car. In reality he owns a Fiat old car. Since cars are your passion, you would dream of driving a limo car. The same scenario applies for love life, career goals, and money etc.
For example: When a person loves a celebrity on screen, he or she would imagine dancing with the beautiful celebrity in their dreams. In reality they will be sitting with their wife or girl friend. That's a common joke. However to define the term Night Dreams is to live in the world of desires where people shift into a dream world. When a person watches good soap operas, reads good books, writes good articles, converses with good people then his dreams are automatically filled with pleasure and about sweet thoughts. That is why when people go to sleep, elders would wish them "Sweet Dreams".

Lucid dreaming
Lucid dreaming is a new concept which has been discovered and named more recently by the 21st century. It means that the body is semiconscious dreaming of a situation where the person actually goes into that dreams. It’s like the movie Inception, where the person's virtual body floats and drifts into another zone. He is actually present in a situation where he is dreaming. When he wakes up from his dream, it feels as if he has lived a different life. This is called Lucid Dreaming. People, who do Lucid Dreaming, are mostly video gamers. Here they imagine themselves living in a virtual world. Lucid dreaming happens in the night and there are lots of ways to do it. A search in and youtube videos would explain how to do Lucid dreaming.

While on the other hand, unpleasant thoughts and negative vibes will bring nightmares. Nightmares would be like thinking about ghosts, demons, murders, crimes, and anything that can lead to unpleasant thoughts. This kind of thinking would spoil a person's sleep and sometimes make the person live in a dark world. The dark world fascinates people who love thoughts that cause negativity. This is a not a good place to ponder around as it affects a person's mentality and perception to see things.
While dreams are reflection of desires, nightmares are a reflection of fears, failures, and anxiety. When a person gets nightmares, it affects the person's physical system and hinders his level of thinking.

Usually we sleep in the night and hence we dream in the night. Daydreams are more about being present in the daytime, and having lazy thoughts to skip the daily work. These dreams let you know what is happening around you. You are awake and dream about what happens around you. You are totally present in your daydream and it’s just a timepass that helps you drift into a beautiful world away from your day to day life.
Keep your dreams positive and when you truly believe in your dreams, the creator will show ways to you to make it happen for you. You must dream about things you are truly passionate about. This is what the Alchemist mentions – when you dream about a thing which you are totally passionate about, and if you are sincere and truthful about your passion then the entire universe will conspire for you to show the way to achieve it.

Dreams they say early morning dreams are dreams where angels come and give you a message. This has been granny message for years. Your ancestor or an old person may come and tell you something in your dream and when you wake up it may look like signs from an angel.

Praying before going to sleep and watching good movies will get angels in dreams in the morning hours. And usually it happens with children. Ask a child what he or she dreams about today. They maybe beautiful messages to listen to and can show you their world altogether.
It is not good to have nightmares and children must be told bedtime good stories so that they have good dreams.

Happy dreaming!

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