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The Role Of Organizational Behavior In College Life

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Why Organization Behavior Matters to You

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-01-27

Think of yourself as a natural leader? Organizational behavior matters to you.

Ever questioned why you work the way you do? Further, why you don’t work the same as others? You wouldn’t be the first. The study of organizational behavior is only becoming increasingly valuable. It reveals firstly, the way we perform individually and in a group, and secondly, how this impacts our productivity within an organization.

As reality would have it, we as humans are all innately different. We are motivated by an extent of varying things. What does influence us to react with passion is not the same for our neighbor.

The study of our individual behavior within a group dynamic is referred to as micro organizational behavior. This study is built upon two differing perspectives: one stands for the power of internal factors and the other, for those external in nature. 

The internal perspective states that our behavior as employees is reliant on our internal feelings, emotions and thoughts. That is to say that our every action stems upon something deeply personal to us, whether this be a specific experience or intrinsic belief. To understand a persons’ work ethic, then, is to understand the way they think, believe and feel.

Of course, a counter-argument embeds itself in the external perspective. This argues against the effect of internal factors. It assures instead that events which occur outside of one’s self primarily affect our behavior. What we do is said to be a result of our environment.

Organizational behavior, although tending to focus on the individual, extends to a wider setting too. Macro organizational behavior looks at industries and organizations. Quite similarly, it studies the way these organizations behave internally and in alliance with other corporations. This includes a look at the strategies they employ, how they adapt in tougher circumstance, and the structures which characterize their business.

But… you’re at college, right? You’re not a manager. So why should this matter to you? Well, if you have any intention of leading a group, now or in the future, you ought to pay attention.  The study of organizational behavior allows coordination of an employer or leaders’ objectives with what an employee or follower can provide.

In order to best manage a group, one must have a good idea of the way in which they operate. To understand what motivates an individual can be utterly useful knowledge for promoting their efficiency. It can be beneficial for the maintenance of positive social relations within an organization or group too.

Organizational behavior is more than just the study of how humans operate. It’s about getting them to operate at their optimum level. It aids in decision-making, guiding particularly the choice of strategies which will best compliment your team.

Pertinent to a good leader are qualities such as empathy and understanding. To uphold team morale, one must pay attention to the feelings of all individuals within it. Humans are simple beings. In the case they are satisfied with their conditions, they are more likely to work hard and to work with pride.

Be it in the future or in class, keep in mind the study of organizational behavior. Be aware of your peers and take note of what gets them going. Utilize such things for maximum productivity during group work. Remember that to understand organizational dynamics, one must first understand the group. To understand the group, one must but look at the individual within it.

With the help of organizational behavior, you may one day find yourself leading more than just a group project, but a successful firm.

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