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WEG2G – Forgot Password

Human memory is extremely unreliable. Banking, Email, e-commerce, the list of services that require usernames and passwords is just endless. No wonder that we find it difficult to recall and retrieve information on passwords at times. You need not let the worry lines creep onto your forehead if you cannot recall or retrieve the WEG2G social site credentials. We have a secure technique in place to ensure that you get your information back in seconds.

The Forgot Password page lets you reset your current password through an array of techniques to ensure that your personal profile stays protected. Security Questions allows you to reset the password through a series of 3 questions while the friendship hint allows you to pick your friends from a list. The Cellphone option allows you to supply your number and follow instructions and the general questions seek answers to queries like your zip code, lifestyle and last login date. If none of these methods work, you can always seek the help of the WEG2G admin to aid you in password retrieval. Striking a balance between comfort and security, WEG2G ensures that each user is provided with only a certain number of change password requests per day. Change your password, the secure way!

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