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Connecting like minds and hearts, social media has had a great part to play in nurturing relationships today. From finding a long lost friend to discovering that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat, we have all used social media to satisfy a variety of needs and it has certainly not disappointed us. WEG2G social site is a unique attempt at combining networking and dating platforms by way of Connections, Groups, Events and Match-up services.

WEG2G Central Blog is aimed at highlighting the specifics of the WEG2G social site by putting across valuable how-to and process walk-through articles and juicy inputs, tidbits and advices on relationship management and online dating. Catch up on the various group dating, get-together and group-together blogs along with fascinating information on social media trends and more on our blog section. Information and fun is certainly a great combination.


10 Tips for Effective Dating (part 2)
Posted: 10 y & 9 m ago

Continuing from Part 1: 6. Smart group meet-up. As a group lead in WEG2G, I only accept or join a meet-up with those people that I know well. Unless one of my group members or myself validates ot...


10 Tips for Effective Dating (part 1)
Posted: 10 y & 10 m ago

With the advances in technology, like Smartphones, and the medium of communications, like social sites, the culture of dating has gone through many changes. In spite of the said improvements and prese...