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WEG2G and all of its subsidiaries are among the fastest growing start-up companies in DC, MD and VA, if not, the East Coast. We offer very collegial, flat, and entrepreneurial work settings with immense opportunities to learn and grow. At WEG2G, we encourage all employees to put their creativity, imagination, and a sense of fun to work. Although we do not have a structured career path, we offer four types of engagements: volunteer, intern, contract, and full-time. As a volunteer, you join, learn, and contribute to our goals. As an intern, you will be given a chance to put your passion and learned courses into practice. As a contracted staff, you have an opportunity to craft your expertise and skill sets by developing and delivering creative initiatives and ideas. The contracted periods allow us to size up your competencies for the prospect of full-time engagements. As a full-time employee, you view WEG2G as an exciting journey for both personal and professional developments, and you become a striver for constant and neverending improvements.

Core Career Values

We set forth and adhere to the following career values:

  •  Capacity for Experience: We believe in what George Bernard Shaw said: “Men are wise in proportion not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience.”
  •  Capacity for Learning: We believe in what Mark Twain said: “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.”
  • Think Before Act: We believe in what Henry David Thoreau said: “It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is what we are busy about.” 
  • Work for Passion: We believe in what Henry David Thoreau said: “To have done anything just for money is to have been truly idle.”
  • Honesty and Trust: We believe in what Henry David Thoreau said: “Be true to your work, your words, and your friends.”

General Qualifications

Here are five main general qualifications that we consider while reviewing all applications. 

  • Have a passion and drive for what we are doing
  • Have an ability to ask (quality) questions and think “out-of-the-box”
  • Have a proven record of self-motivation and/or personal accomplishments (preferred)
  • Have the flexibility and capacity to adapt
  • Have the capacity to learn and grow both personally and professionally 

Why Join us

Here are some career benefits that we offer:

  • Promotions based on demonstrated competencies rather than seniority
  • Above industry average salary
  • Flexible and variegated fringe benefits, such as discounted Above Zest services
  • Dental insurance coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Flexible hours of work
  • Emphasis on both personal and career goal fulfillments
  • Weekly or monthly happy hours and social events
  • Comprehensive training program for personal and professional development
  • Flexible spending account
  • Retirement 401(k) plan
  • Causal dressing code for most positions
  • Vision insurance coverage
  • Paid-time-off vacations
  • Sick leave
  • Personal leave
  • Medical insurance coverage  

Recruiting Process

Review all open positions and apply to the position that best fits your skill set and credentials. While applying for a position, make sure to fill up the application form completely and accurately. For security, you should login to submit your application. Should we find your credentials a right fit for the job, we will contact you. Depending on the position, you may experience one or two rounds of interview(s), in addition to an initial screening phone conversation. All HR enquiries must be submitted via our Get-In-Touch form.


Career At WEG2G FAQ

  1. Can you tell us a brief overview of WEG2G Company? WEG2G is the next generation of social media, and it stands for "We Go Together; We Get Together; We Group Together". It has six subsidiaries: Above Zest, 510 Club, High School Technology Services (HSTS), Touchstone Words, DC Web Makers, and Above Zest VIP Services. Our application is available to the desktop (website), mobile (Android and iPhone), and tablet (iPad and Android) devices. Simply go to with one of the said devices and learn more.
  2. What services do you have? Above Zest offers four services: tours, live concerts, networking events, and free services for students (go to to learn more). 510 Club is a non-alcoholic club which offers live music to 13+ crowds for $5 or $10 entrance fee (go to to learn more). HSTS is a non-profit branch of WEG2G that offers free IT services to local and unprivileged high schools (go to to find out more). Touchstone Words is an online cross major and cross school magazine that runs news under special categories (go to or to find out more). DC Web Makers is the IT backbone of the company that offers website and mobile App (Android and iPhone) development services to local clients (go to to find out more). Above Zest VIP delivers the high end services in the area of tourism, live big concerts, and big networking events to our VIP customers (go to to learn more).
  3. What division/department WEG2G has? Our main divisions are IT, tour, concert, event, content development, marketing, finance, and accounting.
  4. What are the main WEG2G achievements? Here are a tip of the iceberg of our achievements: I: Be able to deliver WEG2G application, mobile App (Android and iPhone), tablet App (iPad and Android) that include over 500 web pages in two years, thanks to the dedication of the DC Web Makers team. II: Be able to deliver the state-of-the-art event MGMT system using our advance secure barcode processor software. III: Be able to integrate our advance social site with the other services, where a single secure login credential is used for the whole company access. IV: Be able to deliver the high level of social site privacy and security, like offering five options for the login forgot password. V: Be able to offer an advance secure online transaction portal for our website, mobile App, and tablet App.
  5. What is the future of WEG2G? To expand and grow in the area of tourism, event MGMT, social media, and live music
  6. What working environment you have? We are proud of our collegial, young, and entrepreneurship working environment. Go to About WEG2G to learn our codes of conduct and driving beliefs.
  7. What is your dress code? We do offer a casual dress code in the majority of our positions, unless specifically requested otherwise.
  8. How much traveling should I expect? Only the positions that are related to our tour service require traveling.
  9. Are you a receptive to diversity? Not only do we admire diversity of our staffs, but also we welcome all talented international students to join to our community.
  10. What training do you have? We have comprehensive in-house training programs for the majority of our positions.
  11. What is the office working hours? Our formal working hours are from 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri, yet some positions may have flexible hours.
  12. Do you offer the paid-time-off (PTO) vacations? In addition to annual 14 days PTO for reasons, such as personal leave, holidays, and sick leave, we do offer 5-12 paid vacation days depending on the level of the position.
  13. How are promotions or advancements at WEG2G? When it comes to advancements, we promote our staffs based on meritocracy on every 1-3 year interval(s) depending on the position level and demonstrated competencies.
  14. Can you descript a day work at WEG2G? Watch our online video that will be available soon...
  15. Do you have any social event or corporate responsibility engagements? At the WEG2G Company, we have monthly social events. In addition, we sometimes roll up our sleeves and get our staffs to contribute to our local community or our non-profit causes.