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PickMeUp In A Nutshell

Posted: 8 y & 10 m ago

Carpooling or car sharing is a great way to share your gas costs with others while helping the environment to stay green. Car sharing can be used for both short and long distance commuters. The process of car sharing is simple: the carpooler first posts his/her available date and destination info. Then, the prospect passengers will contact the carpooler, and finally both parties get connected together. Above Zest PickMeUp follows the same process for matching carpoolers with passengers (read "Why Above Zest Is Really Above Zest"). This free Above Zest service comes with the following feature:

1. Search carpoolers by gender.
2. Flexible commute frequencies like once a day commute, once a week commute, etc.
3. Flexible fee options like free ride, pay the gas, fixed price, etc.
4. Pick up time and date selections
5. Flexible methods for reaching the carpooler, like phone, email, etc.
6. Auto-expirations where the PickMeUp post will automatically be removed after the pick up date.
7. Ability to post tickets via tablet, Smartphones, or desktop computers.
8. Auto-integration with the WEG2G social site for pulling up your info
9. Ability to search, edit, or delete your posting at ease
10. Filtering carpoolers based on the driver's life style, like college student, young alumni, professional, etc.

By now you understand how the Above Zest PickMeUp Service is going to open new possibilities for carpoolers, and those who wish to go green. If utilized in conjunction with the WEG2G social site properly, PickMeUp will be the best resource for students to tap. In the near future, Above Zest will add geo-location, instant alerts, and driver rating features, to the PickMeUp service. Thus, the journey of improvement continues.

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