About Get-Engage

If you are unable to donate now or give any in-kind donations, you can get engaged in our fundraising efforts. Get engaged is simply a place to put your creativity, imagination, and sense of fun at work. There are many ways to engage and raise money depending on your time, effort and preferences. Here are a few examples:

1. Get your friends to give you cash instead of gift at your birthday party and donate the money.
2. Teach a seminar or tutor a course and donate the money.
3. Have a fancy dinner at your home and charge $20 to or more per person.
4. Sell off your unwanted books or appliances and donate the money.
5. Take a part-time job in addition to your present job and give a portion of what you earned
    to HSTS.
6. Organize or offer a service raffle like childcare for a weekend, one day of housekeeping, yard work, house painting, and etc

If interested, fill-up and submit the the Get-Engaged form. We appreciate your sincere and selfless contribution to our high school community. You can visit our website to see few Get-Engaged samples.
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