About In-kind Donations

At HSTS, we let corporate and individual donors to contribute to high school community through In-kind donations. If you’re unable to do monetary donations, go to our fundraising events, or exercise Get-Engaged donations, the In-Kind donation is the right for you. There are four ways in which you can do In-Kind donation as mentioned below. Fill-up and submit In-Kind donation form if you are ready to donate.

Used Products

If you are an individual or a corporate that have used products, you can donate your products by providing their detailed descriptions. Please make sure that your used products work properly prior to filling up the form.


Under this category, you submit your request for donating your hours and service to our high school community. Please tell us precisely why your service adds value to HSTS while filling up the form.

Event Sponsorship

As primary source of fundraising, concert events are right choice for local companies to sponsor or otherwise affiliate with HSTS. If interested in a particular event or type of sponsorship (products, marketing, t-shirts, service, etc), please submit your precise and complete information to us in advance of your desired event. We reserve the right to reject, cancel, or change any company for our events at our sole discretion.

Corporate Products

If you are a growing or well-established company that manufacture and sell products that are related to our high school community, we can sell your products through HSTS website only if a portion of product revenue be donated to our company. We reserve the right to reject, cancel, or change any corporate product at our sole discretion.

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