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Testimonial - A testament to our commitment

There is no better joy than knowing that you have made a difference in another’s life. Giving and sharing your blessings with those who have not had that luxury is the most gratifying experience ever. It is for this very reason that High School Technology Services, the non-profit division of WEG2G was launched. HSTS is committed to providing the best Information Technology services to underprivileged children by way of donations from gracious hearts. From computer labs to personal laptops and software, we make available an array of products and services to those for whom they are unattainable.

Our donors can be assured of a transparent and unfussy process. Our services allow donors to track their donations and obtain requisite facts and statistical reports that capture the flow of their donated funds.

Our donation spending transparency has earned us good feedbacks. Future donors can rake through our donor testimonial revelations and satisfaction comments from high schools. Our testimonial page serves as corroboration to our transparent efforts to bringing the best IT services to the underprivileged.

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