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About us

HSTS is the non-profit branch of WEG2G Company that mainly offers IT, educational, and career solutions to high schools and students. Its code of conduct is guided by its slogan “Educated Students Today; Educated Society Tomorrow”. Here are a brief survey of our services.

School Website and App
We provide unprivileged high schools with free website development and maintenance services. Also, we develop mobile Apps for private high schools to generate some revenue.

Computer Lab and Computer Literacy
We provide unprivileged high schools with free computer lab setup and maintenance services. Also, we offer free computer training sessions for high school students through our Computer Literacy program.

Career Navigation
Career Navigation assists high school students in finding fulltime, part-time or internship job opportunities.

College Preparation
It provides high school students with rich resources for their college entrance exams. While students from affiliated schools can use this service for free, the others should pay a monthly subscription fee.

Talent Guide
This service allows talented high school students to show off their talents or skills via our annual contests in one of the following 8 categories: Art, Music, Computer Science, Movies, Young Entrepreneurs, Fashion, Best School Performers, and Students with Exceptional Abilities. We may hire or invest in winners as our human capital.

Laptop Deals
This service allows users to donate their laptop to other needy high school students. Specifically, donors can put their laptop for donations, and students can locate and buy them.

Get-Engaged Donation
It allows donors to put creative efforts to raise fund. It gives the donors the flexibility of efforts, target amounts, and delivery dates.

Easy Learning
Under this service, we provide students with quality software or programming training via articles and interactive contents like videos.

Software Mall
This service provide students with rich information about handy software in different categories such as open source, commercial, etc

Hardware Support
This service provides students with informative articles related to hardware or popular IT devices.

My Voice
This service allows students to share their IT questions with other students similar to Yahoo Answers or a discussion forum.

Alumni Portal
This service allows high school students to stay in touch with their school alumni.

Online Counseling
It provides students with academic counseling and coaching services.

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