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Sometimes being in possession of all the money, facilities and resources that life and the world have to offer just does not cut it. What every individual wants ultimately is to leave behind a legacy. Knowing that your presence in this world meant something to not just your loved ones but others who have in some way benefitted from your acts and deeds is the height of gratification. This is precisely why we all tend to contribute to causes that are close to our hearts. HSTS was launched to help you leave behind such a legacy by furthering the cause of providing quality education services and facilities to the less-fortunate schools and students of the country.

HSTS offers its existing and prospective donors a variety of options to contribute to their community’s education endeavors. The donation varieties include the Donate Now option which lets them make monetary donations to our causes, the Free Services donations which are in-kind contributions through a range of free-services to affiliated students and schools, the Products and Programs donations through which corporations can sell their high school related programs and products quickly while allotting a portion of the proceeds of the sale to our education causes and the in-kind second-hand product donations like laptop and other vital product deals. Donors can also choose to volunteer, take personal effort and raise money to donate to our causes through the Get-Engaged donations or choose to participate or buy our fundraising shows when possible.

These sincere and selfless contributions will be put to good use and donors can keep track of their donations through survey results and quarterly and annual progress reports. There is always scope for improvement and we value the thoughts, feedbacks and suggestions of our donors to better our efforts in managing their donations. Join HSTS in making a difference and we will ensure that your passionate efforts derive the desired results.

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