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Our Mission

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”

 Anthony Robins

High School Technology Services


Mission Statement
At High School Technology Services, Inc or HSTS we believe “Educated Students Today; Educated Society Tomorrow”. To that end, our mission is to provide high schools with resources and facilities to foster student-teacher interactions and parent-teacher relationships to improve student performance and high school efficiency. Also, we prepare students for college and assist them to find their feet at college upon graduation.


What Are our Distinctions?
Due to our scope of operation and demonstrated expertise in best educational practices, we are able to:
I) Harness scalable synergies and economies of scale in purchasing and facility management
II) Utilize most efficient website design and development procedures and plans to ensure best operational synergies
III) Maximize training and human resource capacity utilization
IV) Allocate donors’ contributions wisely and efficiently to real schools needs without any red-tape communications
V) Integrate and offer best and most efficient combinations of online and offline services to our affiliated schools

How We Want to Achieve our Goals
To achieve our goals and fulfill our mission, we follow through five steps:
1- We conduct a comprehensive research (including surveys and interviews) from parents, students, teachers, and school administration to elicit their real needs and wants.
2- We translate research results into conceptual models and actions plans.
3- We collaborate with high schools to refine and craft our models and plans.
4- We implement the models and plans while sharing them with our affiliated high schools.
5- We conduct a follow-up survey or study to understand users’ comments and feedback to constantly improve and excel our services and programs.

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