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Information Technology and education is the backbone of any country. Since the future rides on both, strong foundations in these will certainly brighten the prospect of every child. It is this realization that spawned the idea of HSTS. High School Technology Services was created to strengthen the IT and education fundamentals of students in under privileged schools across the country. The HSTS website and mobile App is an effort to ensure that students, schools, parents and donors have easy access to our services. The HSTS Search portal has been designed as a part of that attempt.

HSTS offers an eclectic array of services to students and searching for the ones they need through 200 odd pages is certainly a challenging task. To make this demanding task effortless, we have come up with the HSTS Search portal that gives students access to all our services in an instant. Through this portal, students can search through the site for anything they require with specific time frames. From content search using content ID, content keywords and video keywords, Laptop Search that allows laptop ID, keyword and laptop price range filtering to the Alumni Search via Alumni ID and name together with options for quick and advance searches in each of these sections, students can perform a wide variety of searches to find the page they are looking for instantaneously.

Are you in lookout for a job or a candidate for a job? Search new jobs or do a job candidate search using job ID / Candidate ID or position and medium keywords and find the information you seek quickly and effortlessly. From finding school alumni to searching articles based on keywords, any and all data you seek will be available to you immediately through this powerful tool.

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Content Search
>> Content ID
>> Quick Search
>> Content Keywords
>> Video Keywords
>> Advance Search

Laptop Search
>> Laptop ID
>> Quick Search
>> Price Range
>> Laptop Keywords
>> Advance Search

Alumni Search
>> Alumni ID
>> Quick Search
>> Name Search
>> Advance Search

Job Search
>> Position ID
>> Quick Search
>> Position Keywords
>> Advance Search

Job Candidate Search
>> Candidiate ID
>> Quick Search
>> Medium Keywords
>> Advance Search


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