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Here are four primary services for high schools

Computer Lab and Computer Literacy Improvement Program
High-school Website & Mobile App Developments
College Counseling and Preparation Program
Alumni Connection Initiative

Computer Lab and Computer Literacy Improvement Program supplies, upgrades, and updates high school computer labs with quality and necessary computer hardware and software. In addition, we train students and teachers on how to use, adopt, and integrate new computer technologies. Our dedicated and expert staff provide online and offline support and assistance to all affiliated high schools. Undoubtedly, computer labs and IT adoption play a vital role in the modern school education system. In particular, course homework, assignments, and projects can easily be developed and delivered to the teachers; paperless communications will be introduced to the schools; and, teacher-student interactions subsequently be improved.

High School Website & Mobile App Developments simply pursue three specific objectives: Parent Engagement, Course Management, and School Efficiency. For Parent Engagement, we develop an online parent portal where parents have access to their children’s course grades, transcripts, and overall academic performance. Also, parents can easily and directly communicate with their children’s teachers. This initiative leads to better parent-teacher relationships. With respect to Course Management, we develop course contents, course maps, assignment due calendars in collaboration with schools to facilitate student-teacher interactions. Regarding School Efficiency we launch and manage advanced school websites to enhance efficient and paperless communications at schools. Specifically, schools can post their contents and share it with current and prospect students, teachers, parents, and staffs. Precisely, a website or mobile App can contain schools news, announcements, events, calendar, student forms, principle messages, staff, and teacher profiles. It also allows students to engage in athletic and extracurricular activities, service learning, and much more. The forgoing initiatives areas set forth to boost student-school interactions while streamlining school efficiency.

College Counseling and Preparation Program offers the following three sub-services: Talent Management, College and Career Counseling (CCC), and Test Preparation. Talent Management supplies students and schools with rich information and guidance to identify, train, and tap their talents in different fields of study while letting students to put their passion to work. CCC guides and assists students on their post-graduation goals. It includes many useful tips and words of advice regarding college admission, career planning, and financial assistance. Test Preparation provides senior students with free SAT and ACT preparation materials to enable them to go to their ideal college. In short, forgoing sub-services are set forth to ensure high test scores for students and maximum college admissions for high schools.

Alumni Connection Initiative connects schools with their alumni so that the alumni would be able to stay in touch with school administration, staff, and teachers. Specifically, we develop school alumni websites where alumni can participate in annual alumni get-together and school networking events. As a great financial support source, alumni can rejuvenate schools with monetary assistance and non-monetary support while contributing to the development and progress of schools and communities. In brief, being able to get schools connected with their alumni can potentially ensure sustainable economical growth of schools and communities.

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