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Information Technology Services

The core part of High School Technology Services is Information Technology (IT). In particular, we offer five services mainly to the high school students.

Hardware Support
This is where you can elicit lots of useful information from our hardware contents and topics. Go to Hardware Support to find out more

Software Mall
It is a crafted database of useful software and their essential information. Not only can students explore most common software packages exist in the market, but also they can compare open source packages with licensed/commercial ones. Go to Software Mall for details

Easy Learning
Are you excited about learning common software packages step-by-step and for free, so this is a right spot for you. Go to Easy Learning to know more

Help Me Online
Keep us posted with any IT specific questions in mind through our online chat platform. Go to Help Me Online to find out more

Laptop Deals
It is a right place for donating a laptop to our high school community. Go to Laptop Deals for details

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