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Survey Center – Help us help you!

Change and enhancement are the order of the day. Every organization strives to improve to survive in this competitive world. Survival is not our goal but change is. We look to bring about a great deal of change in the lives of scores of underprivileged school children. Our aim is to provide the best possible services to the school community at all times. Change is not possible without the involvement of students, teachers, staff and parents.

Through our Survey center, we look to obtain valuable feedbacks, opinions, suggestions, needs and ideas from students, teachers and parents which will then be available as reports for non-commercial uses.

These high school, IT and parents’ surveys help us identify and plug the gaps in our services. It also serves to enhance the quality of services provided by accurately capturing the present needs to help us focus our funds and resources on those specific needs. Take our surveys and help us help you!

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