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We at Touchstones Words Alumni Life continue to provide informative and reliable information especially for the adults and young alumni audiences to make them more productive individuals in their career and life. We also encourage college graduates and professionals to share their own or work news with other professional or to learn from cross-profession knowledge sharing platform. It enables young alumni learn from each other and ultimately enhance the quality of their career and personal life.

On our Alumni Life page, there are articles where college graduates share with other professionals or read stories related to communications, psychology, language, and human behaviors and so many more.

Soft major articles will allow college alumni to know more about many things in life. Here you will see psychology-related articles as well as graduate learning, communication, linguistic, adult social science, and behavioral science discovery contents. The invaluable life lessons are just one click away from you.

Alumni- Soft Majors Articles

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Perceptions and mind thinking
What are perceptions and how to manage them
social and economical state of a country
Pros and cons of capitalism vs socialism
psychlogy mobile apps for education, training, and experience
Top Ten Psychology Apps for Students & Alumni
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Personal Attachments & How to Manage Them
best buck-list list for young adult vacation retreats.
14 Best Vacation Retreats to Balance Mind and Body
enough sleep at nights and its effect on brain performance
The Effect of Good Sleep on Mind Functioning
love or ignore your kids
The paradox of parenting-child attachment versus independent
Mind growth & development
Best Exercises for Mind Relaxation
Night sleep and lots of dreaming
What is the meaning behind night dreams
Are you ready for self-confidence
Art of Self-Confidence and how to Sustain it


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