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Anal Sex Tips- Dos and Donts

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-03-19

Ready to experiment, so here is what you should know before you and your partner try anal sex.

If you thought the subject of sex was hushed in mundane conversation, try anal sex for an even further undisclosed topic. People just don’t talk about anal sex. It’s an ironic truth: most sexually active individuals have at least dabbled in the art of anal. This doesn’t change, however, our refusal to speak about it.

For newbies, our silence makes it no easier. Experimentation is already dotted by opportunities for embarrassment. Its even worse we don’t offer the ability to learn from conversation. Where, then, does one learn it’s acceptable? That you don’t have to feel guilty or dirty by doing it? That you’re allowed to enjoy it but there’s a certain way you should?

Fortunately, where friends are conservative, the world wide web is not. If you’ve found your way here, I’m going to assume that you’re looking for answers. Worry not, I’m about to give you them. I’ve curated a list of the dos and don’ts of anal sex. This way if you do desire to give it a go, you’ll less likely be turned off by a bad experience. Hopefully you’ll know what to expect and how to react accordingly.

The first thing you should know, girls, is this. It’s going to hurt (for most of you) at least the first few times. Don’t freak out; this is absolutely normal. There are things you can do to promote the least pain possible. One of them is to use lube. In fact, go wild on your this front. The more lube, the easier your partner will slide in and out of you, and thus, the better the experience. Remember that unlike your vagina, your anus doesn’t lubricate itself. It’s best that you find something else to do the work.

As for guys, do warm her up. I don’t care how keen or excited you are, the worst mistake you can make is to rush ahead. Make sure her muscles are relaxed. Much like you do with vaginal sex, engage in a bit of foreplay. Whether you use your finger or a sex toy, allow her anal opening to expand slowly before you endeavor to insert your penis. Again, this will generate a mutually-pleasurable experience.

Although majority of people perceive anal as an excuse not to wear protection, it is strongly recommended that you do. It’s not about whether each of your genitals are actually interacting. Protection is for more than just pregnancy control; it ensures that you’re safe from infection too. For the butt contains a lot of bacteria, it’s most safe to use protection during both vaginal and anal sex.

As I touched on previously, the first (few) experiences are not extremely pleasant for a girl. Remember that we are not designed to be penetrated in the anus. Given that its possible is not to say its natural too. So if it is done, one ought to be particularly careful about the way they do it.

Guys, treat your girl with care. Listen to her. Don’t be selfish. Rather, pay attention to her reactions. Deep and fast movements may be a big no no in the early stages. If you rush her, chances are she won’t let you in again. It’s in your favor to take it slow.

On many occasions, anal sex becomes a more favorable option during the menstrual cycle, or in any other case the vaginal area is off limits. However, it’s not only enacted as a last resort. For couples who desire to mix things up, anal can be perfect. If you and your partner come under this category, be sure to commit to your choice in a single session.

To penetrate both a girl’s anal opening and later, her vaginal area or mouth is unhygienic. It’s also pretty distasteful from a girl’s perspective. The risk of moving substances from her anus to her vagina doesn’t make her feel sexy at all.

The most important thing about anal is talking about it first. In the realm of sex, it’s the controversial topic. Not everyone will be into it. Many people try it and do not wish for a repeated experience. Be open to the fact that you or your partner could respond in such a way.

Experimentation requires a great deal of trust, respect and consideration. Remember that no means no, and yes means take care. If you want to engage in anal in the future, the first time is most important of all. Its up to you to make it the best it can possibly be.

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