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Top 7 Mobile Apps for Career & Business Networking

By Jordan Hicks on 2016-11-20

College students and professionals alike need to develop their networks and connections to advance in their career. In doing so, the following listed Apps would be a great resource to achieve career and professional networking goals.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting a business off the ground is connecting with the people who can help you do it. That may be the investors, the workers, or the other professionals that make your business function, but finding them can be difficult. These apps and websites serve to help you better connect with those people, set meetings, exchange contact information, exchange and discuss ideas, and generally get the ball rolling.

AngelList: Connecting Investors and Startups

A site build around the concept of helping startups, this site is a two prong setup so to speak. On one side, startups can look at investor profiles where they will list their investment criteria, current investments, and sector of specialization as well as other pertinent information. On the other end, startups can search through profiles created for people looking to work with startups. Startups can list their venture in specific categories or be featured as an interesting company for investors. As of September 2013, startups can raise funds via AngelList or other online or offline media platforms as long as the money is given by an accredited investor. Membership is 100% free.

Biznik: Location Specific Networking

Founded in 2005 in Seattle, Biznik differentiates itself from other networking sites by providing opportunities for face-to-face interactions such as video conferences and live events. This site is specific to independent business people looking to drum up more professional connections in the cities in which they work. Like other sites, you create a profile that can be optimized for the site’s functionality. Perhaps the most useful features of Biznik is the ability to create events and invite interested members in attending. Additionally, you can build your profile by publishing articles you’ve written in the Biznik database, searchable by keyword and popularity.

EFactor: Build Partnerships and Client Base

Short for The Entrepreneur Factor, this site claims to be the “World’s Largest Network for Entrepreneurs.” This site focuses on connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with customs and partners interested in helping them bring their business ideas into reality. The sites features the ability to access its 25,000-plus investor network and receive professional and investment advice at a discounted rate. Members are either investors or entrepreneurs who can register for free. EFactor also hosts paid events with a usual $10 admission fee. However, the site can be quite useful for new independent owners searching for new business opportunities on a budget.

Lanyrd: Conferences and Events Made Easy

Lanyrd is your new professional events conference manager, listing all the conferences, workshops, speaking engagements, and events you or others in your field attend. Industry conferences remain one of the best promotional tools for lead generation and sales. The app is free and provides listings centralized by location, as well as the ability to connect with users following similar events. Search for events by location, topic, or year. Add and edit conference information, video, podcasts, and slide presentations. Even search the speaker directory for industry experts to present at your next event.

LinkedIn: The Granddaddy of Networking

Currently the top ranked professional networking site according to, the review states that anyone serious about their career should definitely be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows individuals and companies to seek each other out, create professional groups where there are opportunities to post questions to members, and discuss matters on threads privately or publicly. Build your online resume, list jobs, volunteer work, publications, and recommendations. Network with other professionals, search job openings or post one for your own company, and find out about events coming up in your industry.

Xing: European Networking

Xing is a networking site specifically for connecting to European businesses. The site offers an extensive job database, ample support, and connection services, and help your keep your contacts’ information organized. In direct competition with LinkedIn, this site operates primarily with European industry, which would be useful for small business and independent owners looking for support and function in Europe. If you’re looking to find work in the European market or to start a business with global support, then Xing is a great next step for you.

Hashable: Exchange Information

This app is simple and to the point, but incredibly useful. The worst thing that can happen, you finally get the business card of that person you knew you needed to connect with just to send it through the wash in the pocket of your jeans. No more. This app is Android and iPhone compatible and allows you to create and share virtual business cards. Once you’ve exchanged information, set meeting times or create events, and Hashable will remind you.

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