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How To Unleash Your Mind Power Through Right Exercises

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Best Exercises for Mind Relaxation

By Sulakshana Viswanathan on 2017-01-23

The article emphasizes on how to control your mind. Mind is a powerful thought engine, which sends signals to the brain and heart, that in turn sends actions to the body parts. A human body is a machine and the mind is like the commander for the machine. To calm the commander there are some best relaxation exercises that can be done.

The mindfulness Mind takes charge of your destiny

Minding your mind is not easy.  Before we understand how to mind our mind, let us ponder over this question - What is Mind? Is it a body organ, an object, an emotion, or an imagination?

Can you see mind inside a man? When we say “Brain”, it is a physical organ fixed inside the head of a man. When you say “Heart” it is another physical organ that pumps blood to the different body parts and is fixed inside the central body of the man.
Where is mind inside the man?
In physical existence, there is nothing called Mind inside the human body. Mind is like the virtual mirror of a man. It is a reflection of his desires, needs, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and dreams. The mind is a non-stop thought engine. It generates a million thoughts everyday which is delivered to the real brain and heart of a man.

I would say mind is child of the man’s brain, while conscience is the child of a man’s heart. While the brain’s child keeps pondering over thoughts to earn success, the conscience child stops it from differentiating good vs bad in life. When a million thoughts run through the human mind, this is how it functions:
Thoughts a Mind [Virtual Existence] a Brain [Converts these thoughts to ideas and actions] a Heart [Conscience of the heart tells the mind the difference between good and wrong]
The above process is continuous and happens 24/7 on a daily basis. How can a man rest when his mind is questioning him all the time? How does he rest this chattering mind and give some rest to himself. Even if his mouth is shut, the mind keeps talking all the time. It’s like an inner boss.

Here are some tips on how to mind your mind boss:
(1)    Physical Exercises
Physical exercises like Swimming, Cycling, Sports, Jogging, Beauty therapies will tire a body and helps a person to calm his mind making him sleep properly after a tiring day. It also reduces fat and keeps him in shape.
(2)    Mental Exercises
Practicing quirky exercises like mental maths, puzzles, riddles, analytical questions, reading quality articles on the internet stimulates the brain, keeps it occupied, and helps a person to calm the mind.
(3)    Bring some cheer
Listening and doing a karaoke of good songs, watching good movies, and operas rejuvenates the mind.
(4)    Dust your house
Cleaning, gardening, cooking good food, and designing your home are a pleasure to do activities and helps to keep your mind energized.
(5)    Connections
Having good conversations, spending quality time with friends and challenging colleagues at work, talking to children, playing with pet animals are one of the best exercises for the mind.
(6)    Having a clean slate
Paying your bills, clearing your finance, and having a healthy financial record by reflecting on your past income and building your finance helps to keep your mind healthy.
(7)    Look within
Focusing on self-development activities that help you to upgrade your skills, and attend training workshops develops your mind.
(8)    Say “I Do”
Igniting romantic moments with your spouse and spending time in bountiful nature is the best soothing exercise for the human mind.
(9)    Community service
Participating in community events as a volunteer, non-profit organizations benefit both you and the community. It also helps you to do good networking and enjoy a social life.
(10) “What’s on your mind
The first line on the Facebook page asks this stalking question - which is where people who do not mind their mind, dump all information into this open diary.  Share your moments, experiences, fun thoughts, and travel blogs the way you spend your day with your loved ones on your social media and enjoy some good appreciations. As a warning, while social media exposes your life to many people, it can bring in good fans as wells as harm too based on what you post because an empty mind is a devil workshop. Having genuine friends as part of your personal life is good for privacy. For public intended blogs being open to outside interference and handling spammers and fraudsters is smart internet business.
The mind is like a pot full of thoughts and it can be filled with the above activities actively distributed in a day life of a man. Do not fill this pot with activities that can harm your body and heart. Choose what’s good for your mind!

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