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Best South East Asia And Australia Beaches For Singles

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Nude beaches for singles in South East Asia and Australia

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-03-04

Traveling alone? Find serenity (and romance) in a nude beach in Australia or South East Asia.

The perks of nude beaches are plentiful. Not only does naked tanning rid the concern of awful tan-lines, skinny-dipping is one of the most thrilling and satisfying activities. For we are simple beings, an act such as diving naked into the ocean is something we find a lot of pleasure in.

Our expectations when it comes to holidaying are also simple. We expect to come back with a glowing tan for one, and also, wild and exciting memories. Particularly if you’re single, nude beaches are absolutely perfect for beginning that holiday romance. Not only do they insist you get comfortable with your naked self. They assure others will be too. As they say, confidence is sexy. So rock what you’ve got!

A nude beach is one of the few places remaining in the world that does not allow for judgement. For it is universal (at least, in the realm of the beach), nudity is accepted. In fact, it’s embraced in all its many shapes and sizes. Here humans become humans again. Our forms are recognized as no more than. If you’re chubby, then, you just are. Difference is difference, and no one really cares where it exists and doesn’t. In many ways, nude beaches are more than relaxing; they’re empowering.

If you’re heading to South East Asia or Australia, you should definitely consider hitting up the nude beaches. Given they are such summery destinations, it comes as no surprise to learn they are home to some of the best nude beaches out there. Here are a few you should put on the bucket list.

In Australia, the top places include Lady Bay Beach in Sydney, Sunny North Beach in Mount Eliza and Cow Bay in Queensland. North Swanbourne Beach in Perth and Alexandria Bay in Noosa are also popular destinations for naturalists - both those of a local and a far descent.

In Australia, you ought to watch out for both insects and sunburn on nude beaches. The worst one can do is underestimate the sun. Fall asleep and guaranteed you will wake up as red as the the ketchup on the corner café’s hot chips. Do this one too many times and you’ll risk severe sun damage. Make sure you’re well prepared with sunblock, and don’t forget insect repellent either. The serenity of the experience may just be sacrificed in the case you’re surrounded by a swarm of bugs.

On these Australian beaches, you’ll meet a multitude of extremely comfortable locals. If you cross the line, you’ll meet Australians with a great ability to hold angst. So be more than just sun-smart; be smart. Don’t bring a camera. Even if you only want a photo of the beach, be aware that people are going to be paranoid. Avoid that kind of confrontation and don’t invade their privacy with your lens.

Be even more weary about stripping off before you are absolutely sure you’re in the zone of a nude beach. A lot of the Australian ones are surrounded by various other bays. Make sure you stop at the right one. Otherwise, you may risk being arrested due to “indecent exposure.”

In South East Asia, there exist many ideal spots for tanning your cheeks. Nude Bath in Hanoi, Vietnam is widely renowned for its naturist folk. Although not all of the other residents are particularly happy about them (perhaps a bit conservative themselves), these people bask in the comfort of the sun and the ability to exercise, meditate and relax in complete nudity on this hideaway beach.

Leela Beach in Koh Pangan, Thailand is a small but paradisiacal escape. It’s white sandy shore is alike to some of the most luxurious island beaches in the world. People come here to chill out, to get a gorgeous tan, and also to practice yoga. It’s known for being idyllic and peaceful.

You can bare all at more than just beaches in South East Asia. In Vietnam, one can take a trip to Gia Long Waterfall in Dak Lak Province. Now travelers can properly refresh, revitalize and re-centre at waterfalls too. There are many hikes and treks around this area so it’s not uncommon to see walkers dive in for a skinny dip after a long walk.

A holiday is not quite a holiday if you don’t come back with a great tan and a few interesting memories. Not only are you bound to get more in touch with yourself, you too could find yourself in touch (literally or figuratively) with someone else. Just remember singles that simply because everyone is naked is not to say that they are asking to be stared at or seduced. Some people simply desire to feel free.

So respect that.. but enjoy it as well. An entire flock of naked humans embracing their bodies in nature? Well, it’s not a sight you’ll see very often.

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