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How to get hook-up out of a first date

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-03

These days, we are not always looking for love. Here is how to get a quick hook-up.

Let this be said: it’s 2017 and things are changing. Our existence is characterized by an extensive list of realities we never imagined would eventuate. Leading the largest nation on earth, and essentially everyone else too, is loud-mouthing nationalist, Donald Trump. Tinder is socially acceptable as a means for meeting the love of your life, and 6D experiences do exist. The world is growing more unbelievable by the day.

There is no reason why dating should exist out-with this sphere of change. The practice of forming relationships has indeed changed some. Technology alone has influenced the entire way we approach dating - our aims, intentions and results. Questioning your parents on the subject, for once, is going to get you nowhere.

There was once a time when divorce was rare, true love was the ultimate goal and abstinence was key. Nowadays, it is quite the contrary. Indeed, it is still as hard to find love; it is probably still as sought after. However, while sex has become a reasonably open and accessible topic, our willingness to wait has also become less prevailing.

A lot of people will settle for sex before finding love. The modern day view tends to execute itself as follows: why should I sacrifice something I can have simply because I have not yet found the other? Until I find love, I may as well be enjoying sex.

In this case, you’re probably looking for a hook-up out of a first date. Are you looking for the love of your life? No. Will this happen naturally when the time is right? You think so, yes. Is there harm in playing the board meanwhile? In your opinion… not at all.

And if you’re going to play the board, you ought to do it well, right? Here, my friend, is how to start.

You’re not going to hear this piece of advice often, but in this circumstance, pay attention to your image. If you’re going out with someone for the first time with intentions of hooking up, it’d be naive to believe your appearance didn’t matter. Don’t go over the top - but don’t play it down too much either. Dress smart, dress cool, dress effortless. Aim for a look that says “I didn’t really put much thought into this, I’m just naturally attractive as hell.”

Your date will not solely judge you on the way you look. The truth is - and it may come as a shock - your personality does matter too. Don’t be a dick. But don’t be too nice either. When you compliment him/her, make it count. Be original. Let conversation flow. Try to make him/her laugh but don’t try too hard. If there’s spark, let it appear naturally.

Remember that it won’t show its face if you don’t show yours either. So by all means, flirt! There’s nothing less impressive than hesitating to show interest. If you want someone to respond to you, you have to provide them with hints (sometimes loud and clear!). Be cheeky, be fun and be cute.

In combination with your personality and appearance, your date will certainly judge the place you take them. Make sure it exudes the same romance and charm you do. Don’t take them to get a really decent curry or to chow down on some comfort food. Name one time you felt like getting it on after a big mac? Yeah, that’s right. McDonald’s is not going to aid in creating any sexual aura.

Don’t lean towards other extremes and take them somewhere overly expensive or fancy either. It’ll only seem pretentious and will probably intimidate your date more than ease them into it. Go somewhere relaxed, but pleasant - the local restaurant, perhaps?

Arguably what’s most important is that you watch out for hints. If you feel a spark, and judge your date to be as eager as you, then go ahead: try a move. Go out of your way to touch them, making sure you aren’t breaching their privacy too soon. As ironic is it may sound, go slowly. Try to move towards a quieter place towards the end of the evening. Lean in for a kiss.

What not to do? Simply suggest that you head back to yours half way through the meal. Don’t rush the evening - enjoy it. When it appears to be closing, imply that it has been too good to end. Invite your date back to yours for a drink. You could even try diverting the conversation towards your house. Convince them that they simply have to see it!

Of all, be aware and be courteous. If the other person doesn’t want a quick hook-up, respect that. Understand that not everyone does. If their reaction is positive, however, don’t be afraid to keep going. So long as you’re both in, there’s no harm in satisfying you equally.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a call-back. Remember that hooking up on the first date comes with a reputation, and it implies that you’re not interested in anything serious. If you are looking for a quick hook-up, and you succeed, be careful not to alter your intentions. It’ll only make you disappointed.

Sometimes that’s all fun is meant to be: just fun. And most of the time… well, it ought to be had.

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