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How to become a successful sugar baby

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-03

If all goes wrong, we could always be sugar babies? Here is how to be successful at the job.

Remember joking about marrying a rich partner and living happily (and wealthily) ever after? As our grades get increasingly worse - and our drinking only more excessive - this joke is indeed becoming less of one. Suddenly, we’re actually considering the idea. All of sudden, we’ve clicked on this article and we’re reading tips on how to become a successful sugar baby.

It’s true: we’ve hit an all-time low.

Perhaps we shouldn’t deem this the case before we look at the fine print. The truth is, there is a lot of cleverness to being a sugar baby. It’s not as easy as it may sound. And for the job does require a certain amount of our attention, it’s only right there are a whole lot of perks too.

Before we go on, we ought to remember our parents advice: choose something and excel at it. Fortunately for us, they never did define what we ought to choose.

To be a sugar baby requires firstly one thing: looks. So if you’re Will Ferrell come Jack Black, I’m sorry, the job is not tailored for you. Sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to know where the stars are and how far our rocket is likely to lift. No point in assuming - and working our whole lives in hope of the fact - that it’ll go where it won’t. To be a sugar baby, one has to look like a prize on the shoulder of a sugar daddy. One has to be able to actually turn them on too.

What else characterizes a good sugar baby? Expensive taste. You have to enjoy the finer things in life: exotic things and exotic places. This, of course, doesn’t sound too arduous of a task. And it isn’t. One of the benefits of being a sugar baby is not solely that you get to strut around looking pretty (that is, in fact, your sole purpose). You also get showered in shiny things. And then, you get to meet the types of people whom can actually afford to buy them.

So you’ve got the looks and the desire for luxury? That’s not all you need to be good at the job. Being a successful sugar baby requires ultimate negotiation skills. You need to create a sufficient agreement - something that assures both your own needs and that of your sugar daddy are met. The last thing you want to do is enter a relationship and find that you’re being ripped off. You ought to lay down your own expectations, but also be prepared to listen to others’. The trick is to have boundaries but also to be able to reach compromise.

When will you be available? Where will you meet? What time of day? Will you go on dates? Will you make your relationship public? How often will you get paid? How long will you “see” each other? These are all questions which ought to be answered before you begin to work for someone. Once these answers are established, they ought to be adhered to by both you, the sugar baby, and your sugar daddy.

You’ve got to commit to a persona which highlights the best traits about you. Once decided, be consistent with this persona. You can’t simply change up who you are and the character you’re playing. Your job is to stay in role; to remain the certain someone whom attracted your sugar daddy. If you’re playing the stay-at-home wife, don’t dress like a successful businesswoman. So long as you’re not in the bedroom, stick to the one character.

Further, don’t forget what you’re doing mid-relationship. Remember you’re not supposed to be in love. You’re getting paid, and most often, not on the basis of love either. It’s all about image and enjoyment. Don’t get caught up in the story you’re playing. You’ll only lose yourself, and likely, the agreement too.

To an extent, keep yourself distant. Don’t get too comfortable, share your life story and your Grandma’s birthday. Your sugar daddy doesn’t care. Otherwise, he’d be in a relationship with you. Remember that you’re in this for the high-end lifestyle, not for the snuggle-time.

At the same time, however, if you’re going to own the title ‘sugar-baby’ you may as well absolutely reap the perks. Use his/her contacts to your benefit. It’s not rude to mingle, it’s part of the agreement. Learn from him/her, from the business they’re apart, and from the type of people they associate with.

Don’t be afraid to demand gifts. Meet your new middle name: it’s indulge. Once you take it on, your obligation is to treat yourself, or rather, to let yourself be treated. The best part is you don’t have to feel guilty, because 1) he/she is paying and 2) it’s all apart of a fair contract. Go wild!

Or … I mean, you could always just study hard, stay true to your morals and become something your parents will be proud of. At the end of the day, the world’s your oyster and opportunity is plentiful - don’t let the term sugar baby turn you off.

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