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Good Body Exercise And Mind Psychology

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The Effect of Good Body Exercise on Psychology

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-19

There's more to exercise than looking good. It has many positive effects on our mindset too.

It is no new concept that exercise has a positive effect on us both mentally and physically. For decades, psychologists have been recommending daily physical activity as a means for lifting our spirit and mental attitude. Endorphins from exercise are not simply a myth constructed by the fitness elite; they do exist, and they make us happier, more positive people.

Ever watched a runner and wondered why they put themselves through the pain? There is method to their madness. Motivation to get moving doesn’t simply stem from a desire to look good (at least, for most people). Active individuals tend to focus more so on the feelings which exercise bring: accomplishment, satisfaction and optimism.

So why is building up a sweat so satisfying? Exercise releases endorphins which re-energizer us throughout the day. Hence why people exercise in the morning; it activates our body and muscles, and too, our mind. Exercise promotes neural growth, and also enhances our feelings of relaxation and ease.

People use exercise as a method for fighting stress. Getting active provides great distraction from other, more concerning areas of our lives. If you require alone time, going for a solo walk or swim can act as a perfect solution. To focus on a single task like running or biking directs our attention to just the terrain and the direction we’re traveling. To narrow our focus is comforting and provides great relief. It allows us to lose touch with all the other things that pull at our brain throughout the rest of the day.

For it acts as both a distraction and a tension-reliever, exercise is great as an anti-anxiety treatment. It acts as a mechanism for clearing our heads by demanding we halt our thoughts or approach them with more clarity. It gives us the time for thoughtful decision-making. When we think while we exercise, we let our mind run as our legs do. It’s not surprising that we shall finish a workout with a much clearer idea of what we want and where we’re going.

Excuses to abstain from exercise tend to surround the fear of being injured. However, it’s not worth sacrificing the benefits of exercise simply for it involves risk. All good things in life are characterized by an extent of risk. For exercise encourages your body to function at its optimum level and relieves tension in the muscles, it’s worthwhile. In fact, it’s benefits are extensive, surpassing even the realm of physicality. When you lack tension in your muscles, your entire being is more relaxed. When you feel and look fit, you’re more likely to be body confident and happy with who you are.

Achieving even the minor of exercise goals can make us feel proud. When we push ourselves to get up early to work out, we gain a strong sense of satisfaction. Further, when we notice changes - in our body or in our physical ability - exercise can be ultimately rewarding. If we are consistent with our workouts, change doesn’t have to be long-awaited either. Exercise can be instantaneously rewarding for both the body and the mind.

Many stress-relievers which people incorporate into their lifestyles are largely negative: alcohol, drugs or even gambling. Exercise is one of those few stress-relievers which initiates the reaping of primarily positive benefits. Physical activity grants us the ability to tackle the tougher moments in life with a level-head. Whether its mental, physical or emotional challenges we face, we are less likely to get brought down by these if we indulge in a healthy form of release.

Exercise boosts our heart rate, and for this sake, also our energy. Our likelihood to be productive and active for the rest of the day is much higher when we get moving. If we plan to engage in mentally-draining tasks, it’s a good idea to exercise first. It aids in the development of new brain cells. During the completion of our tasks, we’ll experience sharper memory and a stronger ability to concentrate.

Over time, exercise has a great effect on our metabolism. For it tires our bodies, we are more likely to sleep well at night. Ending our day with light exercise such as yoga can prepare our bodies for the momentary turn-off. When we get good sleeps and move our bodies, our metabolic rate increases. This can promote self prowess as we notice an increase in our physical ability.

There are so many positive reasons to engage in physical activity. Not only does it allow us to do more with our days, it encourages that we’ll actually want to do so! With an optimistic mindset, we’re more likely to be willing to take on whatever life sends our way.

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