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How to develop sustaintable habit of positive thinking

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-01-19

Struggling to remain optimistic? Here is how to develop sustainable habits for positive thinking and positivity in general.

While Charlie Chaplin gave some great advice in his time, one thing ought to be said: he certainly wasn’t a long-term thinker. To “smile though your heart is breaking”, as sweet as it does sound, is a short fix to a grand issue. At some stage, we should actually address whatever it is putting a halt on our happiness.

When the sun is shining and things are going our way, the pursuit of positivity can seem an effortless journey. To find good in our circumstance proves a less than arduous task. It is on tougher days - where, much to our lack of understanding, events seem difficult and unlucky - that remaining positive requires active and relentless attention.

The ability to see the good in a series of bad is a valuable skill to master. So I’ve come up with a list of habits to help. If executed effectively, these can encourage our discovery of value in not solely the best days, but in the harder ones too.

I- Set aside time for yourself everyday.

For even the most extroverted of individuals, “you” time is essential. It clears the head and re-focuses the mind. Assigning as short as fifteen minutes per day for yourself allows for the maintenance of clarity and peaceful thoughts. Fail to take this time, and we tend to become overwhelmed by stress.

To divert the focus from a straining situation - whether it be work or home life - back towards ourself is pertinent to remaining true to that being. Here, we’ll see things from a more objective perspective again. We’re less likely to get worked up over the small stuff.

How you spend your “you” time is absolutely up to you. It could mean going for a walk or run, getting a coffee, listening to some music, or doing some writing. Regardless of its characterization, “you” time promotes the return to tasks with a more positive and forward-thinking mindset.

II- Remind yourself of the good in everything.

When negative events start to feel successive, there is no more crucial time to look for the good in things. The size of the positive we choose to focus on is irrelevant; even that which seems small and insignificant can have a lifting impact on our state of mind.

Failed an exam? Remember that failure makes you stronger; use it as motivation to bounce back. Having a bad day at work? Remember that you are fortunate enough to be going home to a loving family, shelter and food.

Where there is bad, most often there is good too. We owe ourselves the reminder. Although things may appear entirely negative, they almost never are. Cherish and value what remains positive.

III- Organize events to look forward to.

Rita Mae Brown described happiness very simply. She said that there are three components to being happy: having something to love, something to do, and something to look forward to. While most of us have something to love and to do, it is those future incentives which will truly sustain our positive mindset.

Whether it be as simple as catching up with a friend or buying your first home, make plans and let them drive you. The most important thing about remaining positive is understanding that all states - even bad ones - are temporary. Don’t focus on what may be a bleak present. Focus on creating a better future. By developing plans that excite you and entice you towards a later date, you’ll be less likely to dwell on any existing negatives.

IV- Surround yourself with good, positive energy.

If it is true - that we are who we surround ourselves with - then we ought to make these bright and positive individuals. If someone is bringing you down, confront them. Brash as it sounds, don’t be afraid to remove them from your life. Life’s too short to be surrounded by negative energy. Look to befriend people who will bring out the best in you. If your friends struggle to wake up everyday, you too may find it difficult to find purpose and positivity in your life.

So disperse yourself amongst an array of like-minded people: people who want to reach their goals, who value and appreciate life, and who choose to walk on its brightest side.

For long-term positive habits, keep in touch with yourself, but also with other forward-looking individuals. Remind yourself of what is good now, and that which is good to come. Master these four habits, and you’ll be on track for sustaining positivity in all that you do.

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