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Top 10 Common Sex Toys For Fun

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Top 10 Common Sex Toys That You Need to Know

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-21

Sex toys: not just for the wildest of characters. For you and me.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were wondering into sex shops at the age of twelve, laughing at all the many gizmos and gadgets available to encourage an orgasm. It is perhaps the traditional perception of sex or the way it is so delicately talked about in mundane conversation that does keep many of us naive in our later years as well.

It is not only the wildest of individuals whom choose to spice up their sex lives with toys. Anyone who desires to please their partner - or ensure things remain interesting between you two - can benefit from the use of sex toys. They’re perfect for masturbation as well. Indeed, it may seem daunting to do some research on the topic, so I’ve saved you the time, effort and potential awkwardness. I’ve done it all for you.

If you’re interested in picking up a sex toy, here’s a few that are commonly enjoyed. Let’s begin with the rabbit vibrator. Sounds odd, but just wait until I explain - you’ll understand why its unique shape is so sought after. The rabbit vibrator is much alike to your usual vibrator (it has a shaft allowing you to penetrate). Nonetheless, this vibrator offers much, much more. Adjoined to the side of the toy are bunny ears. Here’s where you truly get bang for your buck. These ears are intended to vibrate against your clitoris. There’s a setting so you can change the speed and the heat to enhance the vibrations too. Most of these vibrators are even waterproof, so there’s no limitation to when you can get busy.

For overall stimulation, tend to your breasts too with breast massagers. The best variation consist of suction cups which ensure they’ll remain attached to your boobs. Inside the massagers are little vibrators which work in constant motion to tantalize your nipples. Men have never been good at multi-tasking. Save them the stress and invest in a breast massager. You or your partner will be able to focus on pleasuring other areas.

While some prefer attention to remain on a single area, a lot of women experience their most powerful orgasms when both the clitoris and the G-spot are being stimulated. For your partner to locate both areas precisely where it feels best is unlikely. Will they manage to tend to them equally at the same time? Probably not. That’s why they’ve created U-shaped vibrators. One side tends to your G-spot while the other to your clitoris. Get this - you can even have intercourse while you’re wearing it. There is no end to pleasure with this one.

Many people abstain from sexual toys out of fear of embarrassment. To avoid this, invest in a soap-shaped, porcelain-looking vibrator. Particularly those adorned by pretty designs, these can be easily passed off as an ornament even when displayed blatantly on your dresser. Due to their smooth texture, most vibrators of this shape are incredibly stimulating on both the clitoris and your nipples.

If you still worry about someone questioning your pretty ornament, you’re going to want to look for something even more incognito. Your best bet is the lipstick vibrator. For it blends in among other handbag goodies, you can take it anyway and not worry about someone sifting through your bag either. If it falls out, you can pick it up without blushing. It’s girly, and best of all, despite its small size, its vibrations are still very intense.

Even more classy, you could try a wooden vibrator. Not only are these naturally lovely in texture - you want to touch and stroke them - they also double as a wooden ornament. No one has to be aware of what you’re doing with it! The wood will adjust to your body temperature and ultimately satisfy your g-spot during use.

If you’re someone who has always found time for pleasure in the shower or bath, look no further than the rubber duckie. Who knew there was a sexual side to our childhood toy! Consider your innocence diminished in all its entirety. It’s time to replace naivety with pleasure. This time, it comes in the form of mild vibrations from your yellow toy, best used in combination with your shower-head.

I know what you’re thinking, boys. What about me? Although majority of sex toys are made for girls, there are indeed a few out there for the guys too. Most popular are masturbation sleeves. The plastic tubing allows for a guy to move inside and out. Many have additional buttons and vacuum pumps to further stimulation too.

For intense orgasms, women should look into magic wands. These are hand-held massagers, made famous by Sex and the City. What show could possibly act as a better role model for good sexual pleasure? All you have to do is plug this device in and angle it towards the clitoris. Sit back and enjoy.

A sucker for oral pleasure, your last port of call could be the latest and greatest contour vibrator, SaSi. This isn’t your ordinary vibrator; it also has a moving ball beneath its thin under-layer. This is intended to replicate the tongue motion, and is the only thing that’s ever come close to oral sex. Who needs a man?!

There’s no harm in having a bit of fun with these commonly-used sex toys. The worst you’ll feel is uncomfortable. And if you do, just stop. The best result, however, is outside the realm of prediction and imagination. I’d say it’s worth the risk. And you?

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