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When Stars Are Losing Their Virginity

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Top Famous celebrities that are Virgin

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-03

Virginity isn't a bad thing. Take a look at this list of celebrities who swore by their abstinence!

Are you a virgin? Are you self-conscious about it? If so, you’ve stumbled across the right article. 

Contrary to your mates’ teasing, you should know there’s no need to be ashamed. You are not alone. In fact, you are accompanied by some of the most unexpected (and successful) individuals. It is not solely us everyday humans who see sex and love as quite different concepts; the variation is acknowledged by many celebrities too.

Of course, it would be naive of us to believe celebrities remained virgins at the consequence of anyone else’s choice but their own. Nonetheless, it is on moral grounds where we can find space to relate. Celebrity abstinence is a good reminder that simply because the option is there doesn’t suggest we have to take it. If we do desire the moment to be special - for the person to be important to us - it’s okay that we wait. Just because everyone else is engaging in sexual intercourse is not to say we need to be doing the same. It is okay, even in the case you’re a hot, famous celebrity, to stay true to your unique set of beliefs.

Carrie Underwood did. She promised herself that she wouldn’t have sexual intercourse until marriage. Indeed, she didn’t engage in any activity until she joint forces with Mike Fisher. It can be assumed that her abstinence is no longer; no doubt it was quickly ditched once the vows were spoken.

“One step at a time” singer-songwriter, Jordan Sparks, is not simply a girl of all talk. She’s taking it as slow as she’s walking, planning to hold out for sexual intercourse until marriage as well. One has to wonder whether her previous engagement with Jason Derulo almost sent her across the line (anyone would be tempted!).

While Kevin Jonas isn’t afraid to get cheeky in front of E! cameras (at least, as far as innuendos), Kevin chose - in the words of the Jonas Brothers’ song - to ‘keep it real’. He stuck it out until marriage with current wife, Danielle. Most assuredly, it’s not a family thing. It appears his unmarried brothers have approached the act with a bit more frivolity.

Hilary Duff is another whom valued the wait. She had sex for the first time with Mike Comrie, her former husband. Having split multiple times, it’s uncertain whether she is back on the train of abstinence - or whether she too has become a bit more frugal with choice.

Known for fun and games, Tina Fey took a more serious approach to her first time. She desired to wait until marriage, sharing the experience initially with her now husband, Jeff Richmond. For all the scripted sex jokes she’s no doubt had to execute, it’s surprising she’d never actually engaged in the act herself until 2001.

What perhaps comes as a bigger shock than our girl Tina, is that Jessica Simpson was a virgin! Not shy of portraying herself as a sex symbol, it seems that Jessica was rather a tease. She wasn’t giving it out to anyone - unless of course, they were ready to give her a ring in return. Fortunately, Nick Lachey in 2007 was prepared to do so. They’ve since split and Jessica has moved onto her current husband Eric Johnson. Jessica cared less about celibacy the second time, having two kids with Eric before they tied the knot.

If Simpson didn’t come as a surprise, get this: Adriana Lima was a virgin. Yep, that’s right. She who has strut the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show year after year. The girl who has managed to maintain the most impressive, toned body (before and after kids). Lima managed to abstain from sex. If Adriana Lima can refrain from the act - despite the countless offers I’m sure she received - then, rest assured, anyone can.

And the list goes on. Pattie Malette (Justin Bieber’s Mum) has taken an oath of abstinence until she finds a second partner. Selena Gomez has, since dating (not dating, dating, not dating) Justin Bieber, decided to practice abstinence once again. Taylor Lautner has even gone to the extents of documenting his decision on Youtube.

Evidently, the key to being successful does not have any relation to sex. Instead, it can be found in staying true to ourselves. If abstinence is something that matters to you, by all means, stick by it. However, if sex and the development of life-long bonds have no direct relation for you, don’t feel guilty for engaging in the act. Everyone has a different opinion. Respect your own.

We all perceive sex differently, and hold varying morals where the subject arises. So long as we are satisfied with the state of our sexual activity, it doesn’t matter what another individual thinks, never-mind the rest of the world.

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