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Music Artists Dori Freeman & Chesapeake Sons Reviews

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Up and Coming Country Music Artists in MD & VA

By Jordan Hicks on 2016-11-02

This article covers a short review of Up and Coming Country Music Artists Dori Freeman (Virgina) and Chesapeake Sons (Maryland).

Dori Freeman music artistsChesapeake Sons music artist

    With the Country Music Awards 50th Annual Show just around the corner, country music seems to be in the air and on the tip of everyone’s tongues. This year promises to be an exciting show with performances from Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. However, there are some bands and musical artists who won’t be featured at the CMAs just yet, and we think you should know about them. Up and coming singer-songwriter Dori Freeman from Galax, Virginia pairs dreamy melodies with sharp, bold lyrics. Anyone favoring Kacey Musgraves. Brandy Clark, or Alison Krauss should check out this girl. Her music is soundly grounded in the mountain stylings of her home town, shaped in the American Roots influences of bluegrass, rhythm and blues, and old country, however her more pop-like material tends toward the sounds of Peggy Lee and Patsy Cline. Produced by Teddy Thompson, Freeman talks about her wish to “make an honest record of songs written from a real and relatable place.” Freeman’s song, “Any Wonder” breaches the topic of troubled love, part painful contemplation, and part romantic ballad; it displays her lilting expressive vocals, and showcases her combination of mountain old-time stylings and sixties girl group inspirations. Freeman says of her new LP, “The songs that have had the greatest effect on me have been the most human and personal ones, and I hope I’ve been able to convey that same thing in some little way with this record.”

    A sentiment shared by Jason Morton and Brett Wilmer of Chesapeake Sons hailing from coastal Maryland. Wilmer says, “Our style is a combination of pop, rock, and country. We always want to have the same undertones throughout underneath it all; the same feeling and idea. We just want to create great songs that make you feel something.” Carrying inspiration in their music from sources such as Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd-like guitar, and Eric Church-like vulnerable ballad style vocals.  Both boys started with music in middle school “because it was the cool thing to do” at the height of MTV’s popularity. Chesapeake Sons’ new song, “She Got A Way” has that California summer chill vibe about it, showcasing their catchy lyrics and upbeat tunes. They’re quickly climbing the ladder of success, having opened for renowned bands such as ZZ Top, Kid Rock, and Shooter Jennings. They’ve even opened for Skynyrd and Church, and were hand selected by Paul McCartney’s manager, Scott Rodger to represent the U.S. in a Lithuanian Music Festival. Expect a southern sound from their new album recorded at Coppermine Ranch (formerly owned by Kenny Rogers), combined with a kick of the blues. There’s nothing formulaic in their music, it comes from personal experiences, authentic lyrics and soulful instrumentals that stand out against their contemporaries.

    If you haven’t yet heard the bright poppy tones and lilting lyrics of Dori Freeman or the high-energy harmonies of Chesapeake Sons, take a minute to check them out. We’re sure you’re gonna love them. For more information on Dori Freeman, go to her website or follow her social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and BandsInTown. She also maintains a mailing letter so you can follow her progress, and music. For more information on Chesapeake Sons, go to the their website or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also have a mailing list so you can keep up to date with their travels, shows, and music. Don’t forget to catch the classics on the 50th Annual CMAs show broadcasting live November 2nd from Nashville, Tennessee.

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