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20 Rarely Used Features Of The Latest Smartphone

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What You Did Not Know About Your Smartphone

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-19

It turns out a lot changed since the previous smartphone was released. Here's 20 rarely used features of the latest smartphone.

Technology is advancing at a pace so rapid that not even we, the users, are aware of all that it can do. Although the public are notorious for complaining about the few changes made between the previous and the latest smartphone - given the whopping price difference - the truth is, changes are often much more subtle than we think. Their use, however, can be greatly significant.

There are many things, aside from enhanced camera resolution, which the latest smartphone can do. Firstly, it enables the maintenance of fitness levels and optimum health by monitoring your heart rate. The new app Instant Heart Rate utilises the camera sensor and flash features to recognize a change in color of your blood. You can track your pulse and its changes for your own benefit, or even send these records onto your doctor to keep them informed.

What’s more, with apps such as Dot Measure, you can measure height and distance. The smartphone has now developed tools useful for the individual and for builders measuring materials and fitting furniture everyday.

Your phone has the capacity to detect metal objects (say good bye to permanently losing your keys!). With apps such as Metal Detector, your life is about to get a whole lot easier. This advancement doubles as a safety measure too. If you’ve dropped a nail just a feet away, this just might save you from quite a serious injury.

The latest smartphone can translate any language you wish. You needn’t even attempt to type the foreign word or phrase. You can simply hold your camera screen up to a sign or poster, and it will translate what it sees to your chosen language directly below. 

What’s proving even more useful is the ability for high-security passwords. On iPhones, one is now able to create a lettered password rather than a mere numbered code. More so, we can establish a system of touch ID, where only our finger print will allow access to our phone. For security reasons, this ability is incredibly valuable.

Things get better for Android users. They can set their smartphone to automatically unlock in places that are deemed “trusted.” When they’re at home, anyone shall have access to the device. All it takes is the activation of the GPS setting. Family members won’t have to worry about forgetting passwords again.

We can scan documents now! Yes, our need to rely on our old and inconsistent printer is no longer. It tended to have a mind of its own anyway! Now, with CamScanner, we can take a picture of a document (whether it be a formal one, or just a receipt) and of this, comes a high-quality PDF file.

Thanks to the progression of smartphones, we can now send a personalized postcard with great ease. All you have to do is download Postcard on the Run, take a screenshot, add your message and the company will print it out and send it for you.

There’s more. What many of us now rely on is the screenshot function. For a long time, this inability limited what we could see, how long we could see or save it for on our phones. Now, if we get sent a funny Snapchat, we can save it permanently (even at the displeasure of our friends).

Text can now be enlarged. This diversifies the users of smartphones for the struggle to read and write on our small screens turned older personnel off the use of this technology. Now, all one has to do is alter their settings and all fonts will be increased in size.

There’s also a new mechanism which allows us to decipher who is calling or messaging us without viewing our screen. By appointing different vibration patterns to different people, we’ll be aware of the urgency of a call, or rather, if its one we can and should avoid. Thanks to this tool, we’re less likely to miss work calls and more likely to become the most reliable employees yet. We might become the worst friends, however. By assigning certain callers straight to voicemail, we won’t have to listen to our friend rant about her latest break-up.

We, too, can arrange for our music to be turned off at a certain time. This is useful if we’re falling asleep to music or on any other occasion, worried about draining our battery. We simply have to set a timer stating when we want the music to stop and it shall do so without our control.

If you haven’t used this utility yet, you’re really missing out. This one is a game-changer, and has been for a while now. With apps, like Shazam, we can identify songs we hear (in cafés, in shops - anywhere!). So long as it’s not too loud to be identified, this can be a great means for discovering music anywhere!

Many of the latest smartphones - the Android, the Samsung and the iPhone - have temperature and humidity sensors. This is great for knowing when your phone risks over-heating, and when you should probably escape the sun for your own sake too.

This may come as quite a shock, and certainly, is something a lot of people don’t know about the iPhone… but you can control its actions by a tilt of the head. If you want a certain app to open, you can match a particular head movement to prompt this action. Indeed, the ability to do so appears no more than novel. Where this will be proven useful is debatable.

That’s not all. If you’re worried about your kids accessing the more adult sections of your phone, you can make your smartphone childproof by simply selecting the certain apps they can access. Further, you can allow your friends to track your location so they don’t lose you at a big, public event. You can get your phone to read out news stories to you with your morning coffee. Thanks to Siri, you can even find out where the plane soaring above you is headed!

It pays to keep up with technology for otherwise we miss out on some of its most useful and beneficial features. Sometimes, that which goes unnoticed about the latest smartphone is actually what makes it such a life-saving item too.

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