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If there is a universal consensus on the one thing that brings happiness, glee, delight and harmony to even the most agitated of souls, it is music. Genres may differ; compositions may vary but the potential of music to take you to another world, one that is devoid of the anxieties and worries of life, remains the same. As the seeds to a great musical journey are sown in school and college, we help you set the pace by providing a great platform for music-knowledge sharing.

College Paper – Music helps you share interesting stories, news items and articles about music and artists with your buddies across various colleges. Make new friends with similar musical tastes, share information on live concerts and latest music trends through this section.

Are you college music major? Looking forward to making a gratifying and lucrative career out of music? Enhance your skills with countless inputs and enriching insights of your peers and cash in on the valuable ideas of others to refine yours.

The electrifying and energizing atmosphere that live concerts provide is something to experience! Know what the aura of a live concert feels like through your friends, follow up on the latest live performance news and experience the dynamic vibe yourself!

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