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If life is a novel, the high school chapters are its turning points. It is not without reason that there are scores of novels, short stories, tv series and movies dedicated to high school life. There are just way too many things happening! Every soul has a story to tell and a yarn to spin. Do you have one? Sketch your tales on our scrolls. High School Words – Story is a section devoted to relay your high school life experiences to peers and buddies across schools.

What is the latest high school talk? Are you privy to some exciting information? Are you the great new high school whistle blower? Dying to vent your worries and anxieties? Looking for a high school diary sharing platform? Cool and exciting, hip and happening, valuable and constructive, whatever your story, spin it on this section.

While you spin your own little tale, you stand to gain from the life experiences of your friends and peers from other schools too! Personal and professional, stories teach. Precious insights from an array of characters will certainly help you face high school life and the life after in a whole new way!

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