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G2G Events

Events section on WEG2G is very much similar to the one on Facebook where one can post or schedule an event and invite their friends and acquaintances to attend the events created by them.

Creating and managing events section on WEG2G is quite simple. With our events section, a user can:

Post a New Event: Planning for a birthday party or scheduling a fund raising event, create a new event on WEG2G using the option “Add New Event” on our Events page. Fill up all the necessary fields such as event date and time, gender specification if any, name of the event etc. Any event created by a user is only visible to the user and the members invited for the event. So all the events are private on WEG2G to make it a secure space.

Invite Friends and Acquaintances: An event is nothing without its attendees. Our events section features a direct option to invite your friends and acquaintances to attend the event. These users can either accept the event request or reject it as they please.

Search Events: At times, a user forgets about the details of the event where he/she has accepted the invitation. In such scenario, a user can use the Event search form and find the details of the events easily.

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