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Group Together - Create/Manage/Build Community

Creating groups online on popular social networks is a trend lately but seldom does any group meet in the real world. In respective of how many times the members of the group interact with each other, they never meet each other in person.
At WEG2G, we take this trend to reality. You can create a group, manage and add friends into your group. You can also join an existing group after receiving and accepting its group Lead join request.

At WEG2G platform, you can easily,

  • Post new Group
  • Manage your posted Group
  • View Group join requests
  • View other friend Groups

Unlike groups on other social networks, WEG2G makes it very strict to create a real group rather than creating a group with unnecessary huge number of members who may not even be active on the group. The main agenda of creating a group is to organize meetups or plans in order to meet other like-minded groups.

Here are key group highlights:

Group Identity

At a time, one can be a member of a single group only. Also a group must consist of same gender members only. The maximum size of a group is 4 members while the minimum size is 2 members.

Group Reliability Index

Our social network features a reliability index for all groups that calculates the score by considering the activities on the group including total plans posted on the group, total members attending the plans, total plans accepted by a group etc. Such a reliability index helps the user in identifying whether the group is reliable or not.

Group Dating

This is the most exciting feature on WEG2G. With our group dating feature, we offer an opportunity for our members to go on a double or triple date which is considered to be safer and relaxing compared to the casual one-to-one dating. The dating members can talk with each other and feel no pressure of any kind. After the date, the user can use the matchmaking tool and decide whether to proceed with the dating.

Group Timeline

With this feature, one can easily check back into the history about the group activities, the plans, events or meetups organized recently. It is an easy way to keep track of your group activity.

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