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510 Club is a non-alcoholic club that is dedicated to bringing live music to College Park, MD. Launched by a few UMD alumni, the 510 Club is to fill the live music gap that already exists in College Park, MD. From the up and coming bands, to hip-hop or Spanish DJs, to big artist after parties, the 510 Club strives to be the number one music hall in College Park.

As a pioneer in utilizing advance event MGMT systems, the 510 Club has developed a solid IT infrastructure for processing and handling venue tickets. Specifically, attendants may book their tickets via our site in advance, and receive a unique and secure barcode for each ticket. We use an advance barcode processor to process and manage the club entry and event tickets.

The 510 Club is supported and complemented by its affiliated websites such as WEG2G (an advance social site), Above Zest (a premier concert, networking, and tour provider), WEG2G Central (central hub of all affiliated websites), HSTS (non-profit IT services), and Touchstone Words (content MGMT site).

All club users can easily use our mobile web App to surf our site, events, and even buy their tickets via their cell phone. Also, our bouncers accept tickets presented on the iPhone and/or Android devices.

Please check out our FAQ for other specific information or questions related to the 510 Club.

510 Club FAQ
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