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Why you should spend your gap year in South East Asia

Posted: 5 y & 7 m ago

If someone asks me- should I start the job immediately after college, I would be saying you gotta take a gap year like 3 months. We have spent entire college years attending early lectures, unpaid internships and sleepless exam days, we deserve some holidays
Reading my article on travel website, I assume you already are on the way searching for your next vacation. And…where should you be spending your gap year? Somewhere in Southeast Asia! Why? Just read on…..

The best place for Voluntourists
Obtaining some volunteer hours can make your resume stand out of crowd. Instead of desperately bagging for a job from home, you should get out of your usual environment and broaden up your horizon. Adding causes you care most on LinkedIn profile mean nothing unless you have a proven work record on it.
If you are really passionate about the education, you can show that you have spent two months in a monastery teaching unprivileged kids. SE Asia features such opportunities and some gap year programs provide free food or a little remuneration. Besides, the accommodation and facilities offered are pretty decent. The language skills and environmental conservation usually demand volunteers.


The culture
If you go to business school, they lecture you how to manage people and the stereotypes of people. It’s good because they build a great foundation but come on, just go out there and see the individual differences and learn what the travel has to offer you. In addition, the region is home for an astonishing number of tribes and each of which owns exquisite traditions.
The SE Asians will amaze you every single day with their unique lifestyle, I guarantee it.

The paradise for nature lovers
SE Asia is well-known for its unique culture and ethnic minorities but it is not just that. The fabulous landscape and rare flora and fauna are something that highlights the diversity of the region. Its isolation and tranquility helps maintain the endangered species which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Indonesia is the largest country in SE Asia and it alone is rated as “Mega Diversity”. The remarkable creatures like Komodo Dragons do exist in Indonesian Islands. If you have seen the movie Komodo vs. Cobra by Jim Wynorski, you might wanna check them out with your own eyes. Distinctive, bright brown hair and highly intelligent Orangutan apes are the next things that will surprise you during your stay in Borneo.

You can work as a scuba diving instructor while letting the corals under sea amaze you and huge rays sailing right next to you. A soft breeze can take off your hard day’s work at beach resort. Well, it’s a paradise!

Incredibly Cheap
This probably could be the best reason for why SE Asia. We, students, are always under the poor tourists with limited income abstaining 5 star hotel rooms. I understand how hard it is to always find budget hostels and be economical. A week stay in Thailand doesn’t even cost 700! Accommodation price can be incredibly reasonable ranging 5 USD to 2000 USD per night. Many SE Asian countries with their Tourism Master Plan on increasing number of tourists, now persuading the Millennials with Low Cost Flights!

And your money is spread till the grass root
In most of the time we travel the tourist expenditures tend to flow to MNCs which normally contribute nothing or little to the community although in SE Asia, especially in rural areas, your money can go directly to locals’ family businesses. One dollar means more than one beer can there! Seriously, your vacation money can pay someone’s tuition. So, why not contribute the world just a bit while having fun?!

Overall, SE Asia has so much to offer and the trip memories will present you nostalgia for long. So, you are an adventurous individual with a thirst for exotic destinations, I highly recommend SE Asia to put on your bucket list.

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