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Get-amazed at Lisbons best burgers & try them NOW!

Posted: 5 y & 8 m ago

Like in many big cities, burgers have been THE thing in Lisbon in the last years. Soft burger buns and juicy meat smothered with all kinds of delicious ingredients like caramelized onions, intense cheese and crunchy salad, gussied up with tasty sauces. Did you just arrive in Portugal as a tourist? Are you a local? It doesn’t matter, if you crave for a good Lisbon burger then get prepared with this list, go ahead and try them all!


1. Italian Burger & Lobster House
Located right at Chiado’s square of Luís Camoes, the space features impressively beautiful arches, which is the first reason why we love this place. The other reason is the unexpected but very welcomed combination of traditional Italian cuisine with exotic and aromatic seafood. Considering the quality of foods, the prices are very reasonable. You can choose between 12 simply luscious burgers that tick all boxes but our favorite is the Milano burger. The beefy flavor of the patty is incredibly yummy and aside from that, it comes with crispy bacon, fresh mozzarella, salted spinach and pesto. What a “wow” – effect the first time you try the burger. And of course you need to taste the buttery flesh of the lobster at Italian Burger & Lobster House when you are already there.

2. O Prego da Peixaria
A typical “Prego” is not really what Americans consider a burger. But if you ask a Portuguese, he will tell you something different. Though it is not minced meat but a thin, well-seasoned beef steak, Portugal’s inhabitants like to serve it in buns and with all the traditional garnishing you can imagine. O Pego da Peixaria offers beef steak burgers but what we really love are the various fish burgers. Oh yes, you read right. This is not your usual McDonald’s fish burger but an extraordinary experience. They come with tuna, crab, shrimp, squid and – the most popular one – codfish. When leaving, don’t forget to take a picture of the wonderful Lisbon Graffiti on the wall.

3. Hamburgueria Gina
We really praise this spot. We heard that Lisbon chefs come here when off duty since it is not that touristic. Not only are the burgers a gift from Heaven, but also, the pile of crisp fries leaves us awed too. We are pretty sure that you will order a second portion of fries because damn, they’re just too delicious. In addition, the prices are quite affordable.

4. Ground Burger
Our all-time favorite. Yes, it’s true. We fell in love with the whole spot: burgers, milkshakes, fries and waiters. Boy, the waiters are just as handsome as they are friendly. The bun of the burger has just the right amount of moisture from the meat juice but on the edges the bun is still crispy, yum! And the meat? We could write a whole poem just for this exquisite, super American patty. Juicy and intense, the 100% Black Angus from the United States tastes so yummy you will wish to never get to the last bite. Oh, did we mention the fries come with garlic sauce and rosemary herbs?

5. Marcelino Beach Club
On the other side of the river Tejo, you will find Marcelino Beach Club in Costa da Caparica. You can either take a bus or a rental car, drive there and forget the city buzz while going through all the exquisite burgers they serve. In case you are a Lisbon visitor this is a good option for you to see another corner of Portugal as well. Veggies will be stunned by the tofu and seitan versions. Funny side fact: the burgers are named after famous surfer. So sit back, enjoy your ‘Matt Hoy’ burger that comes with crispy onion, red fruits, almonds and basil mayo and admire the sea in front of you.

6. To Burger or not to Burger
To B. or not to B. – that’s indeed the question. In this restaurant though, there will be no question marks left in your heads. Excellent meat and a decent veggie option, the Portobello-oh-so-yummy-Mushroom. Another favorite of ours is the Honey Goat: A patty with incredible texture, honey, goat cheese, watercress and mustard. Now that we are talking about it: Another special one came to our mind. The extraordinary chicken burger, which is served with a glorious grilled chicken breast. The fries come as a sweet potato version featuring a flavorful herb sauce.

7. Hamburgueria do Bairro
Yes, we have two burger joints included on our list. Who says chains cannot feature wonderful burgers? All Lisbon spots of Hamburgueria do Bairro are totally worth it, but our favorite is located in São Bento. The meat of all burgers is 160 grams full of tenderness. The Madeira burger is served in a luscious bolo de caco (typical bread from Madeira) and garlic butter. There is the possibility to choose from 4 different veggie options which are Portobello mushroom, falafel, seitan or tofu. Wow, this is impressive for Portugal. You can also pick several additional ingredients like cheddar, pine apple or gorgonzola.

8. Honorato
One of our first stops when we head to the wonderful food hall ‘Mercado da Ribeira’ to have some awesome food. But this is by far not the only location of Honorato. There are several restaurants spread all over Lisbon so that you never have to walk much in order to get a mouth-watering burger. Honorato serves artisanal burgers at its finest and we cannot really decide which one is their flagship burger. Maybe Honorato with bacon, cheddar and egg? Or Picanha, which is a sirloin cut of beef and very famous in Brazil? Or could it be Capitão Fausto which features pickles, barbecue sauce, cheddar and onion? Oh my god, you just have to come and try them all.

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