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How Can I Benefit From Book Planet

Posted: 8 y & 7 m ago

One of the unavoidable costs of college students is textbooks. Considering the course requirements, students sometimes have to buy up to three or even four books for one course. After the semester is over, or by the time you graduate from the college, you will end up having lots of books on your shelves, most of which are in excellent shape. So, you can sell, trade, or donate them. This is where the Above Zest Book Planet comes ton the picture (read "Why Above Zest Is Really Above Zest" for more information about the Above Zest Company). It is a free service for passing on your unwanted books to the other prospect book readers. Without further due, here are the main features of Book Planet:

1. Flexible book category options ranging from textbooks to technical books.

2. Flexible trade options like exchange, rent, donation, etc.

3. Special textbook info like course number, course professor name, course major, course offering, university, etc.

4. Flexible expiration time ranging from two weeks to one semester.

5. Ability to post books listings via tablets, Smartphones or desktop computers.

6. Variety of book search options from basic to advance searches.

7. Flexible method of contact for reaching book holders like phone, email, etc.

8. Auto-integration with the WEG2G social site for pulling up your info.

9. Ability to search, edit, or delete your posting at ease.

10. Flexible payment methods like cash, certified check, etc., for selling books.

11. Ability to upload up to four pictures for one book.

12. Variety of book condition options like brand new, good condition, etc.

13. Ability to add up to three author info per book.

14. Book edition menu options for selecting the book edition.

The discussed features will demonstrate how the Above Zest Book Planet will benefit students. Indeed, the Book Planet free service provides students with a systematic approach for listing their books or otherwise locating books. If harnessed along with the WEG2G social site, Book Planet will be able to serve all of the student book listing needs.

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