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The Essence of Connection House: Connection Matters

Posted: 9 y & 3 m ago

One of the services offered by the Above Zest Company (Read "Why Above Zest Is Really Above Zest" for details) is Connection House, whose purpose is to organize networking events. The essence of Connection House is simply defined as "Connection Matters." Connection House is dedicated to getting together every young alumni, MBA students (full-time, part-time, and executives), and seniors from the top ten universities around the DC, MD, and VA area. It fosters networking events, communications, and collaborations across the top colleges and universities. Not only can job-seekers develop their network across the states and universities, but also they can target their ideal employers. Likewise, employers can locate and benefit from the right talents.

To achieve its goals, Connection House organizes networking events, specifically in the following areas on an annual basis:
1. Government consulting
2. Commercial consulting
3. IT (soft/hardware), Internet, high-tech, and emerging technologies
4. Entrepreneurs, start-up, self-employed, and freelancers
5. Only lawyers
6. Only doctors and medical folks
7. Only MBA part-time and executive students
8. Only MBA full-time and Ph.D. students
9. Only engineers and science majors
10. Only behavioral & social science, and soft majors
11. Only undergrad juniors & seniors
12. Only business major alumni, including, but not limited to: accounting, finance, supply chain & operations management, marketing, and strategy management.

To summarize, the Connection House events and agenda ca be a great resource for both prospect employers and talented candidates. Also, all of the event participants can see other participants and socialize together in advance, using the "Who Else Is Coming" service (read "Who Else Is Coming to My Trip" for details). Likewise, attendants can purchase their event ticket via a Smartphone from the Above Zest mobile App. Therefore, regardless of your background, Connection House can help you to achieve your career goals.

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