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Services For Students

There are two free services that are offered mainly to students: Book Planet and PickMeUp. The Book Planet is where students can list their books for selling, renting, or trading. PickMeUp lets car owners share their cars with other students. Carpoolers can save on gas while helping the environment to stay clean.

Book Planet

Book Planet is a platform where students can trade, sell, and buy textbooks that they need for the semester. Our free book listing service comes with many advanced features and options including a variety of search options through which one can locate a desired book. For ease of use, the service can be used and accessed with any Smartphone or tablet device. Read our blog or watch our Media Center to learn more on our Book Planet services.

Pick Me Up

PickMeUp is the best place for carpoolers to share their automobiles. There are four benefits you can take away from using this service:

  1. Save on gas costs.
  2. Assist those who do not own a car.
  3. Conserve the environment.
  4. Increase the enjoyment of driving with passengers.

This free service is available via our website or mobile App. Read our blog or watch our Media Center to learn more on our PickMeUp services.

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