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It is simply a place to connect with your close friends, your high school, your university, your community, and your company. Specifically, we let you share your honest stories and news with high school, college, and alumni in the following six subjects: Business & Management, Music, Sex, Hard Majors, Soft Majors, Stories (of week), and Discussion of week.

Our Guest Writers

Weekly Stories

Local weekly news across schools, majors, and background, which has three sections: High School Words, College Paper, and & Alumni Life.

Friends Speak

Share your honest stories with your best friends at work, college, community, etc through Friends Speak.

Our News

Where we keep you posted on the latest stories and news related to WEG2G and HSTS community in four areas: Innocent Desires, Above Zest, Red Zone, and 510 Club News.

Group Dating with Scavenger Hunt at World War II Memorial

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