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Physical Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life

By: McKenzie Collins
On: 2017-01-27

Want to amp up your sex life? Update your gym routine with these few exercises.

Ever get lazy during sex? Worse yet, ever avoid it altogether because you’re too tired to wait to climax? Well, well, well. You’ll be lucky you stumbled across this article. Actually, it’s not so much luck. Trusting it wasn’t a mistake you clicked on it, it’s much likely that this is exactly where you want to be: receiving advice on your sexual performance.

You shouldn’t feel bad about it either. We’re human. We’re sexual beings. It’s natural, for goodness sake. There is absolutely no issue with wanting to make something natural the best it can be (naturally). The good news is, it isn’t all that hard to do. Girls and guys, things are about to get steamy - and in the best possible way.

Before I give you some pointers, it’s probably best you understand the reasoning behind them. As unfortunate as the case be, our muscles do weaken over time, particularly if they are not consistently used. Feel free to use that card as means for amping up your sex life (“I can feel my muscles weakening!” … “Babe, it’s been one day.”).

But seriously, it’s important we keep these moving. The better we perform during sex, the more sexual confidence we do gain. This confidence is versatile; it can be transferred across a multitude of areas in the rest of our life too.

We don’t simply have to engage in sexual intercourse to get those muscles moving (though, by all means, go ahead if your partner is into it). There are a myriad of ways to get the right muscles moving to better our sexual experience.

Let’s start with the guys.
You see those little weights at the gym? Yeah, I know they’re little. Put down your pride and pick them up. Give up on leg day and start curling those forearms. The stronger they are, the better for propping yourself up, or propping her up in an ideal position during intercourse.

Okay, don’t give up on leg day completely. Keep up the squats. Add in some push-ups and hold another minute plank too. Anything that’s going to strengthen your abs and lower back is going to strengthen you during sex too.

Don’t worry, it’s not all physically straining. Sleep is important too. So get some (pun intended). This will raise your testosterone levels, and equally, your sexual stamina. Try to get eight hours a night, at least.

Let’s move onto the girls.
Those side-to-side lunges your doing at the gym are not only shaping your legs out, they’re also increasing your sexual stamina. The more you stretch out those legs, the more positions you’ll be able to offer; the more likely your man’s going to find your G-spot in any of them. Try to get lower and lower each time you do them.

When Shakira said hips don’t lie, she was most definitely giving out free sex tips. It’s time to embrace your hips in more ways than one. If it’s a few gluteal bridges, a standing hip thrust (suitable for any daily routine) or a simple plié, strengthening your pelvic and vaginal muscles can only result in faster, more satisfying orgasms. If someone laughs at you at the gym (or in any public environment, for that matter), remind them how long it takes for them to orgasm. They’ll be pelvic thrusting themselves in the other direction.

Remember guys and girls, sex is supposed to be enjoyed. Particularly if you’re in a long term relationship, feel free to engage in provisions for making it even better. Don’t be afraid to get your partner on board - it’ll only increase your shared experience. Thrust away, folks. But for goodness sake, get some sleep too.

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