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Matt Zand Bio

Mr. Zand is an entrepreneur, writer, IT consultant, businessman, and programmer. He is the founder & owner of below 9 ventures:
WEG2G Social Site VIP Services Above Zest High School Technology Services Touchstone Words 510 Club Patient-Doctor Appointment App Food Deal App DC Web Makers

Personal Quotes

“Since I became an entrepreneur, I have learned one invaluable lesson: do not give up” Matt Zand

“Success is being able to bring out the best in yourself and others” Matt Zand

“The word dependency is not in my dictionary” Matt Zand

“I have said this time and again that WEG2G is not ideas but revolution; it is not a social site but the next generation of social media” Matt Zand

“What is called hungry for success is insatiable desires within us for being, having, doing, and growing more and more” Matt Zand

“True leaders are not born; they are made in the school of discipline” Matt Zand

“To me, what matters most in life is to live with purpose” Matt Zand

“Ever since I was a child, I have had instinct urges to venture” Matt Zand

“The only skill set worth fostering is communication” Matt Zand

“I am not a follower but simply a self-reliant man” Matt Zand

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